A real analysis of a reason to NOT FIGHT.?

Question:Ok, since there are so many bogus "it is not proper for a martial artist to fight because you are above all of that" crap, I would like to hear all the REAL reasons why fighging should be avoided if possible. I don't mean competition fighting, the reasons for that are obvious (professional, test yourself, pure enjoyment).

Obviously there are legal ramifications. But what else.

Personally I think (in roughly this order).

1- you don't know what someone is carrying, high risk, low reward.

2- If it is in a bar, you will NOT get the girl. If she is your girlfriend then she will most likely be pissed off at you and you won't get laid that night anyway. Most girls don't like fighting. If it is the "mythical" assailant situation then that is necessary.

3- Law (already stated).

4- bieng bounced or banned.

5- ruining your clothes and your night.

6- you might spill your drink and have to buy a new one.


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Regardless of your training or lack thereof you will rarely NEED to fight. 9 times out of 10 fights only occur because both people involved can't control their egos and both people are unstable or unsure of themselves. The reasons to avoid fighting are obvious:
1) It takes energy and risk and gets you nothing in most cases.
2)if you lose then you are embarrassed and if you are trained in martial arts there is no glory in a victory over some drunken lout.
3)legal *

in sharp contrast I can think of two reasons to fight, and only one of them applies to REAL fighting.
2) self defense, i.e. someone trying to mug you.

One last note: I think you are misinterpreting what is meant by the martial arts spirit idea. The basic idea is that many fights that happen, especially in high schools and bars, are caused by clashing egos rather than even the flimsiest of reasons. There won't be a fight if one person is willing to walk away, and someone who KNOWS they could have won and has no desire to harm someone will only fight when necessary or in competition or training.

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Because most martial artists can't fight, that's why they needed to take martial arts and because most of them came from McDojos and wouldn't be able to beat a couch potato in a real fight.

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This is what I tell my students:

There are 2 likely outcomes in a fight. 1 or both participants will be injured & 1 or both will be punished. Best result is you aren't injured & aren't punished. That means the best case is breaking even. Nobody wins.

No matter how good you are, there will always be those who are better. The more fights you have, the sooner you will encounter 1 of those people, & the result will not be pretty.

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The purpose of martial arts training is, or at least should be, self defense. The concept of self defense is void when someone goes out looking for a fight. Besides that, why would two martial artist fight in the first place?
Martial artist are supposed to have self control and respect.

The best way to stop a fight is to prevent it from happening.

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Being a peacemaker is more admirable and will earn a person a better reputation than being a peacebreaker or a peacefaker will.

A peacemaker looks for ways to bring people together.

A peacebreaker looks for ways to stir the pot.

A peacefaker looks for ways to deny that there is a problem.

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There are no rules in a real fight and getting killed could be a probable outcome. That's enough reason for me.

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Even if you do win the fight you also will most likely have some form of injury. Broken bones, Bruises, cuts, scratches, pain, etc. This is in conjunction with the legal rammifications and everything else previously mentioned. So now in the end is mixing it up with some guy because he scuffed your Nikes really worth it?

By all means be assertive and stand up for your fair share in life but do so respectfully.

Which is better?


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Hi there

Good question with many possible answers.

I think it comes down to why do we fight?

We should only fight to protect the life's of ourselves and family. Or in older times to hunt for food.

Most people fight today because of pure ego, drugs, alcohol and the oldest one of all over a woman.

Its not bogus as you as you put it but its just down to maturity! By the time someone has spent over 20 years training there much older and much wiser.



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What you are looking for here is not a matter of "martial arts policy."

It's a matter of personal ethics, moral justification or (in many cases) merely an overabundance of testoserones.

As such, there are probably nearly as many different answers as there are martial artists!

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ah well even if your not in to martial arts as an adult and i mean someone who acts liek an adult not someone age 18 you can 9 out of 10 times avoid fighting most of the time fighting is 2 people being stupid and childish and othen then that why fight I dont feel i need to prove anythign to to any body if you want to talk about me talk abotu me i am mature enough to handle it if you dont liike me fine unless i am attacked i wont fight

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number 6 has always pissed me off. i really like your question, and the McAnswers you are getting. Heres my 2 cents. Truly i have fought some tough guys, most often alcohol was a part of the equasion. i concider myself lucky, i have all my teeth, some didnt after we were finished.whether i started it or not i always finished it.HOORAY FOR ME!my damn bones ache my knuckles have authritis, scars all over my hands from teeth, broken glass, wood, rocks, you friggin name it. my point is the damage i recieved, still remains, and uhh...I WON!??

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DYING, Nothing like getting into a fight with someone who knows what they are doing. If You ever do, It may be the last thing YOU do. Every time You get ready to fight You have to ask yourself, is this a good day to DIE. If the answer is Yes then go for it.

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