Any1 take teakwondo?

if you don't then do you know what it is? and can you pronounce it? i use to take classes nd none of my friends can pronounce it exept the ones that were is the school.


Karate fight night?

Its pronounced Tai-kwon-doe. Its like karate where its focuses on empty hand fighting, but tae kwon do mainly focuses more on kicking, rather than striking with the hand.

Hey, does anyone know anything about Jeet Kune Do? I'm thinking about taking it. Has anyone taken it?

"take" "won" "dough"

It still blows my mind that most of you think the first word sounds like "Ty" Its "Tay". I have never heard a Korean say Ty.

Could anyone recommend?

teakwondo?? Is that the art that helps you learn to break teak wood?? I'm almost guessing that if you took teakwondo, you can pronounce it and hopefully help your friends pronounce it too. shucks.

Jo Staff & Bo Staff?

tae kwon do. i did it for 4 years. It is pronounced exactly like it looks (ty kwon dough). Many people know what it is even if they haven't ever taken it.

How can I punch quickier?

heheheh I love this stuff and I am OLD

Is a mobile home floor strong enough to do my Tae Bo or Treadmill?

that's weird, indeed.

What is the 2 and 3 ippon called in shori ryu karate?

tay-quaan-do. its a martail arts class.

Does anyone know of any good MMA training schools in S. California?

Yes, for 15 years.
Tae pronounce like ty
kwon with a short o
do with a long o

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