300 Spartans vs. 300 Ninjas?

This question is to add to all of the fun I have seen with these types of questions.


Police Agility 6 foot wall:?

Foolish question. Chuck Norris always wins.

Have the police ever been called in to stop a fight in the ufc?

Spartans mosdef. You never hear a Ninja's mommy telling him "With your shield or on it!"

(Spartan women told their sons who were going off to battle to come home with their shields or on them. Shields were heavy and many soldiers who retreated would throw down their shields. So, in essence, the mothers were telling their sons to win or die trying.)

How do u get ur avatar in a karate suit?

Ninjas, too many tools of death at their disposal. If Spartans rushed them they'd step on fields of caltrops and get blown up, projectiled [poison darts shurikens kunai] without even seeing or hearing their opponent. No other person in the world can move like a person proficient in ninjitsu; they can scale trees like a cat, hammer fist you in the chest and make your heart stop, throw katana through your shield into your chest and then throw a smoke bomb to retrieve it who knows. If Spartiates stayed in phalanx it'd be a less clear situation, but they'd have to fight in the moonless night against **** ninjas do the math, they don't even have a commanding general there, ninjas are survivalists, Spartiates are effective peons.

Hi, which type of martial arts do you recomend for a beginner?

Ninja were spies & assassins not soldiers... In a pitched battle the Spartans win with ease. If the Ninja stay true to their essence they kill the Spartans in their sleep.

All's fair in war.

I am trying to decaide what style but i have five style that like i don't think learn more than three?

I agree with Yupchagee, Chuck Norris all the way !

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