300 Spartans vs. 300 Vikings?

Again, another in the long line of "vs" questions, just to add to all the fun here on Yahoo!


Does n-eone konw a capoeira class in ohio thats not in central ohio and not in cincinatti but between the two?

I agree with some of the earlier answers.
The Vikings attacked and pillaged, but look who they attacked?
Monks and nuns, farmers, small villages, and yes, at times getting into larger fights with actual armies (but not often).
The Spartans, from the day they were born, were trained to fight as a unit. Their entire life was devoted to fighting.
The Vikings were more focused on pillaging.
Not even close.
Give me 50 spartans, you can have 300 vikings.
Sparta still wins.

Will someone please give me instructions on how to paper fold (origami) a martial arts uniform?

Chuck Norris would beat all of them.

Are any other females into watching Ultimate Fighting or am I the only one?

The Spartans will Kick A_s on the (MN.) Vikings.

Exercise programs?

600 loincloths?

Spartans...vikings were not as organized.

Tae Kwon Do: what's your favourite Block?

Vikings utilized no strategy in their warfare and mostly only attacked weak monistaries and undefended villages. They had a fearsome reputation but were undisciplined bullies.

Spartans take this one with ease...

I want measurements to knuckle dusters?

Minnesota can't even make the playoffs, so my vote goes to the Spartans.

How do I throw a roundhouse kick correctly? Step by step...?

mmm... the ultimate shirts vs skins game... lol

Tao of Jeet Kune Do?

Spartiates need a general, or else they have no direction or motive.

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