Anybody know why its called a roundhouse kick?

i've never refered to it this way (i just say round kick because it travels in a circular motion versus the straight motion of most other kicks). but why do some call it a roundHOUSE kick. is it because that movie that patrick swayze was in?


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That movie was ROADhouse.

The kick is, in Japanese, Mawashi Geri, Mawashi (to rotate or go around) and Geri (to kick). It is also sometimes referred to as a cresent kick, called so after the path the foot takes.

I think the Americanized name is after the boxing roundhouse punch that circles around the opponent's block like going around the house instead of thru it.

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I dont know but im gonna learn tonight!

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I don't know why it was called a roundhouse kick but I learned it in Shotokan Karate. I believe it was called a roundhouse kick becous you move body around and u kicked your oppenant.

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its because when you execute a round house there is a circular motion. Round being circular, house being from a centered point. There are roundhouse punches as well which would be a punch from behine to the front but are innefective due to the lack of gaurding.

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it's just by pivoting your body and using your body to strike the oponent in a circular motion, just as you call an axe kick (also called a crescent kick because of it's half moon circular motion) because of it's movement high above your waist then bring it down in a very hard quick motion like you would use an axe, using the weight and power of the leg to do damage.

these movements are translated into english from their Asian counterpart in the particular disciplines

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maybe they assume you are the house.

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We usually call it a round kick too. But I think American's equate it to a kick version of the roundhouse hey-maker punch that is so popular in street fights.

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An American interpretation, you can bet the Japanese are not using the term.

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