300 Spartans vs. 300 ninja turtles?

I just had to add one of these questions for myself. But seriously, who would win?


Martial arts illustrated article on Bruce Lee's 'Enter the Dragon' film?

As much as I am a fan of the TMNT I have to go with the 300 Spartans...

Just their sheer warrior instinct -- besides the TMNT has terrible diets of pizza and soda. No one fights well on a stomach full of jolt and pepperoni

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I'd have to go with the 300 ninja turtles.

Ok is anyone here that knows how I can be a ninja?

the turtles would win because they're the worlds most fearsome fighting teens. They're heroes in a half shell and they're green. as for the spartans, im pretty sure they end up getting killed in the movie. the turtles? i think not

How many of you are interested in "A Complete History of Karate & Kickboxing in America?"?

Ninja Turtles would dominate.


Dim mak help?

The turtles have the van (TMNT nintendo version) and Splinter. Plus, they live in the freakin sewers. Come on this question answers itself.

TMNT for life

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HA! The Spartans!

Does any one know a guy named Alex Cisne?

Are you kidding me? 300 Ninja Turtles would annihilate the Spartans. They're NINJA FRIKIN TURTLES god jamma!

What does a punching bag help you do?

Heros in a half shell of course..the Spartans wouldn't stand a "shell" of a chance!!

Why don't any Chinese martial arts fighters compete in the Octagon,Japan.Only in movie..why?not good enough

Turtles. They could hide in their shells until the Spartans tired themselves out, then come out and kick the sh*t out of them.

How many hours a day did Bruce Lee workout?

the turtles would walk all other them.

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