3rd Dan at 15 years old?

Question:Ok, i know this girl who has practiced Karate since she was 5 years... at the age of 15 years old she is a 3rd Dan in Karate and is now refered to as "Master". Her parents are both solicitors with their own business...

its for this reason i do not believe that the club is being run legitimately... this club grades their own pupils and is not under any federation (like AMA for example)

what do you think i should do?


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Hi there

lots of different views about this one. Firstly in my opinion no child under the age of 16 should hold an adult Dan grade. The problem with children is most of them lack the discipline or maturity to hold black belts. Ive seen many articles in local papers over the years showing child of x age gets this and that! What a complete load of rubbish. Most martial artists will tell you there are different reason why grades are awarded. Some for the skills level of the student. Others are for showing determination, commitment and respect for others. The problem with young students is that if you don't keep awarding them for there ability they lose interest. For me its OK to have junior black belts that are graded using a children's syllabus but once they reach 18 then they must regrade and take an adults examination.

It really did bring a tear to my eye when i read the part about being a master! Trust me there are NO masters of any martial art in this country or the west! If you want to train with masters you go to Japan! Anyone calling themselves a master in the uk just has a rather large ego. There's a misconception that having a black belt makes you a good fighter. Just read some of the above posts! All a black belt proves is that the student has good knowledge of the style and nothing more. As for federations there a complete farce and at best pyramid schemes where the man at the top makes tons of cash for doing sweet FA!

Always judge the student by the teacher not the style or the organisation they belong to. I will guarantee that 98 percent of people practicing martial arts are not registered in Japan or where their art originated. I just dont see the point in registering with a British organisation when you are practicing a Japanese art?



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Shes not Uma Thurman in 'Kill Bill' is she?Sounds a bit suspicious to me.Maybe you should investigate more.

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seems a bit odd to me they call a girl master, but if she been doing it for 10 years, then 3rd dan is attainable...

just dont mess with the bungle or he will show you how twenty years of being stuck in a bears costume has made him violent.

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I would believe it. The school I go to grades pupils partially based on their ability, so this is possible if the club does somthing similar.

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Kick her in the crotch, if you are able to reply afterwoods she's a fake!

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Join another club

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3rd Dan at 15 is quite possible if she has been doing it for 10 years.

In fact, she is behind the curve if it took her 10 years to achieve it. Many Asian kids achieve this by no later than the age of 12 or 13, and usually attain 4th Dan by the age of 15.

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maybe you have sour grapes...have you seen this girl train and practise her art.me thinks not.

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A 15 year old 3rd dan.. wow... i have never heard of anything like that in 27 years of doing Karate

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There's nothing you can do that I am aware of.
If she's practiced for 10 years give her credit for SOMETHING. Maybe she's not equal with a 3rd elsewhere, but who cares?

Is this true about fighting?

Find another club if you are not happy, you seem to be putting forward a reasonable case my advice it all comes out in the wash

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just avoid training there.

it sounds like a cult who is creating the new messiah within its sheltered compound.

master? the notion is far from real. the name master referes to more than just the grade. many black belts will never be 'master' as it takes a lot of experience holistically rather than just of the techniques.

where does she get her real world experience from? school?

can she relate to others? what 15 year old can?

no, I am not convinced. she may be very good, but can she has a deficit in lack of life experience in everything.

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I don't know what specific style of Karate you speak of but I have never heard of a 3rd Dan referred to as "master" regardless of age. I have trained in Shotokan Karate, I believe 10th Dan is the highest and then a "Master" tag, and Shao-Lin Kempo which has 10th Dan with a "Master" tag.

From my experience a 15 yr old would have what is called a Jr. Black Belt, so it seems that 2nd, 3rd Dan etc...when the person is not an adult is irrelevant. Most schools would even have the child (which is what a 15yr old is) re-test when they become of age (usually around 18) to get an official black belt.

the bottom line is if you think that the school is not on the up-and-up...don't train there. It doesn't have to be affiliated with anyone, but you should agree with its principles for the higher ranking students.

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man at the rate im going ill have a 3rd dan at 15.. but anyways that is no respect at all! she has to know every singel technek and to be able to explain why its done. and Master ? that isent good at all...even a true master still knows that their are a student to. like if one day i become a 7th dan and open my own school i wouldent like to be called master i would like to looked as a student that is just teaching people what and how i lear what i know... man this one girl is opening up her own school and she only went to black belt! and im like What the...! no i think that she should have more experince. but like if she gose to the ma class every day and train at home and had a good teacher and gottin a few beating and learend and know her own streangth and knows how to treat injerys..(like real masters do) then mabe its ok.. like the little kids class... or they could be just playing around and call her master... but what happerned to her master?

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The entire industry is not regulated! There was only one belt and if it was black that meant you were around a long time, because you are not to wash it. If you question it then there is a reason for it. I say leave. oh and AMA is a joke as well. If you see a place with those stickers then they are look for validation for a reason...they suck, end of story. Take Boxing if you can't find any place or take it as cardio. That's all it's worth anyway.

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1) 15 is too young to be 3rd dan
2) 3rd dan is NOT master.

2 sure signs of a McDojo.

There is nothing for you to do except find another place to learn Martial Arts.

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It is indeed possible. I know that the club I train at (and many clubs ive seen) have a different system for the juniors than the adults. It is possible to be a 3rd Dan at age 15, but her training might only be the level of an adult green belt. Students in my club who are juniors achieve the "sensai" title in the junior classes with a junior belt.

Ask if this is the case. If you have concerns, dont train at this club.

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I only got my 3rd Dan after 16 years of training and I ain't no master for sure. In the past (pre-WW2), when traditional training was still hard to find and practiced, a 3rd Dan was considered 'master' because it was a very high grade and it may take a whole lifetime to achieve (even as Japanese).

Nowadays, 3rd Dan is easily obtainable because of the system McDojos implement and if she indeed had trained for 10 years, she deserves her 3rd Dan and yet, I still do not see why anyone has to refer to her a 'Master'.

By the point of view in marketing, a 'master' sounds classy and a easy to sell.

Usually a person is being given the title 'Master' refering to the head/heads of a school/dojo and no one else should be called 'Master' unless they are 5th Dan above.

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I'll bet that kid gets bullied at school, pity really as they seem to be getting bullied at home too

My brother Mark says that he founded his own style of karate. Is just any master allowed to found a style?

Im 14 (15 in two weeks) and I have been training since i was 11. I am a bluebelt at my club (purple, brown, black). I have worked hard for my grade and love the sport, but the girls club should be under some sort of board im sure. A club near me just gives pupils the belts after certain amount of time being there, this one girl had been going 18 months (she came to our club a couple of times) and she was a purple belt, two higher than me at the time, i ws like what the, ive been training way longer etc. but when we got in the sparring ring together, she had never had a sparring lesson in her life I swear.
as for child/adult grades, we train mixed so I think there is only one belt system for us both.
I would just not have classes there.

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Find a better school. She may be some type of martial arts prodigy, but I doubt that. I have never heard of any system that calls a 3rd dan master. The place sounds like a McDojo.

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join another club darling

How much groundfighting is there in Kodokan Judo?

Look at the other signs.

Ok, it MAY not be a sign it is a mcdojo- it is certainly evidence against it.

HOWEVER- a 15 year old is not a 12 year old, as someone pointed out 12 year olds attain the title of "master" this I would find more highly suspect.

This is one of those things that you need more information about how she attained it, when she attained the majority of the ranks and most importantly HOW THE SCHOOL TRAINS.

It is possible that she attained all of her ranks as a teen, improbable but possible.

can she fight? Does the school train with resistance?

how many other "baby black belts" do they have?

A black belt doesn't mean she can fight. It SHOULD be based on merit, but often isn't.

A mcdojo is a school that isn't concerned with training students properly, it just wants to take money. One good indicator is that they do all kata work or don't use resistance in training. Point sparring is NOT really sparring it is martial tag.

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Throw her in real karate tournament such as Kyokushin, Shidkoan, or Eshin, I bet the house on your so call "3rd Dan" friend would end up break down and beg to not fight before the match even start.

Personally if I have to call someone younger than 30ish a master, I would lose respect for whole dojo. UNLESS they have tons and tons of experience under their belt and can back everything up. But that will put them in mid or late 20's anyway.

So if she think she's the baddest person to walk this planet, ask her to take part in Kyokushin karate tournament. I promise you she'll either leave before she even fight or get knock out hard in less a minute.

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10 years training or not in brazilian jiu jitsu somebody under 18 cannot even attain a blackbelt let alone a 3rd dan, i dont know about karate but it sounds unrealistic, kids usually have there own ranking system.. shes bullshiting dude!

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Sounds a bit McDojo to me. My own son is currently preparing for his second dan at 15 years old. He has been training for 10 years also and has been competing nationally with a good deal of success for most of them. His current shodan is at junior level and when he grades nidan he will do so at Cadet (U18) and he will have to re-grade at Senior level. Our gradings are all externally conducted by our 8th Dan Japanese Sensei and he has already commented on people presenting themselves for 3rd dan at 21 years old. He is considering putting a minimum age of 23 years old.
My own son is a very accomplished Karateka and whilst he can compete (and beat) many of us older Dan Grades at 15 he does not have the maturity of thought to fully understand what he is attemp[ting to acheive in Karate.
At the end of the day if her grade is not recognised by any of the major organisations I would suggest it does not carry much validity.
At the end of the day you pay your money and you take your choice. Best advice would be not to join that particular club. Lastly there are plenty of clubs associated with the big organisations who post pictures of their junior dan grades on line with the prefix Sensei before their name. Personally I find it funny but not worth getting upset about.

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when it comes to any form of martial arts it not the colour of the belt that matters, its the person who wears the belt.. when i fought in my 1st competition i was an orange belt(2ND belt) and beat a brown belt(1 b4 black) in the final.. any1 can learn the moves and pass a grading, but when it comes to combat, and applying those techniques learnt, its a whole different story

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Leave her in her own bubble.

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I'm speaking from a taekwondo viewpoint.

1) Some schools make students call ALL black belts "Master" just like other schools make everyone address them by "sir" or "ma'am."

In South Korea, ALL 1-5 dan black belts are technically "Master." In actuality, I've never heard anyone called that. Point of fact: I call every single black belt of ANY poome or dan rank at my studio "little brother" or "little sister" because I'm the oldest student there. They all call me "big sister." The only person in our studio with any title is the instructor--Kwanjangnim! (And his brother and father when they appear, also known as Kwanjangnim!)

It's just a title, who the heck cares?

2) What does "Her parents are both solicitors with their own business..." have to do with anything? Who the heck cares?

3) You don't even train at this club. So why the heck do you care? I had to train at another studio briefly and while I disagreed with some of the things they did, I just thought, "Oh well, not my problem." You need to have the same attitude.

Frankly, it sounds like you're about her age and simply have some of that girl-on-girl jealousy going on. What should you do? Get over it.

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whats wrong is she a higher grade than you are she would have worked hard to get her grade but there is always somebody at the bottom of the ladder kicking it down namley you

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