12 man MMA Over the Top Battle Royal?

In this MMA battle royal, there are only 2 rules, besides the dirty stuff. They are : The fighter must be thrown over the top rope and No teaming up. The contestants are : Tym Sylvia..Mirco Cro Cop.Fedor and his brother Alexander.The Nogera Brothers..Anderson Silva.Chuck Liddell..Tito Ortiz.W. Silva..Rich Franklin...and Branden Vera ? I will choose .Fedor, I think he would be the hardest to get out , and I think he would end up throwing his own brother out , causing thier Mom to kick both of thier Aces. This is only for FUN...I know it will never happen...so don't Freak out. Please tell me who you think would win, and who that fighter threw out to win. Thanks


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If there's no teaming up Slyvia would just lie on the ground and wait until there's just a couple of guys left and then he would just up and straight kick them through the top rope.

Seriously could any of those guys pick Sylvia up straight up and toss him?

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fedor and his brother!!!!!...he has a brother?////...... remember who his brother is,i seen him knock a big *** guy ut in a few seconds...big dude rushed him and lil bro just wooped his ***.....him and his brother ever really fought??wow,i never knew that was his brother..i got the right guy,i think the big gy he wooped on was thompson,...

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TITO!! He can do it

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I'd take out B. Vera (wtf), Alexander (hes not that good), Rodgerio Nogera(ditto for this guy), A. Silva and Rich Franklin (these two would be too small for the heavyweights).
Better competition I think would be Mark Hunt, Josh Barnett, Shogun Rua. I'd throw in Randy Coture and if any 185 pounder should be in there Dan Henderson should.
I think you would have to team up in a battle royal
The winner would be from Pride tho = )

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Would like to see that the contest is the biggest part of the fun

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That's a stupid idea, you watch way too much pro wrestling. If u put that many MMA people in a ring someone would get hurt. Btw, there is video footage on youtube of Fedor and Aleksander sambo wrestling each other in a tourney. They went to shake hands and Aleksander grabbed his hand during the shake and started wrestling with him right there. Normally that'd be very frowned upon but they're brothers so everyone just laughed.

But to answer your question... No one.

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i dont care, if it were real i would pay money just to watch ! thats a grea concept ..lol somone set it up!hehe

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Yes Fedor have a brother, he have a bunches of tattoos and fruity hair cut.

Anyway back to the question, probably Fedor since he is very good at sambo which involve lot of throwing.

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Anderson THE SPIDER Silva would wrap his arms and legs up in the ropes and hang on for dear life. In doing so by the time there was only 1 man left(Fedor) besides him, the other would be tired. Then Silva would Thai clinch him and pummel him with knees straight over the ropes.

ha! ha! an impractical answer for an impractical question.

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