A question about bokken?

Where is a good site to buy bokkens online, I know, Buy a hand made bokken, but I want to get it conveniently because there aren't any sellers around where I live, so, what's a good site or place on the internet to buy a bokken? thanks


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Just go on ebay. They have some pretty surprisingly good stuff. Or you could try http://www.swordsofmight.com/index.asp?p...

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I 've known these poeple since they opened their doors.

It's a Mom and Pop shop that has been around forever.


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As far as buying a hand made bokken, I've heard the exact opposite. I've heard you should buy a cheap one since no matter how good the bokken is it will break if you use it to train, so get them cheap and two at a time.

My friend who does Kenjitsu owns 5 right now and he buys his 3 or 4 at a time. He breaks one about once a month but he trains 4 days a week. He's noticed no difference between handmade vs cheap bokken. His only exception is one he had made custom from Japan carved with his name in kanji on it. He never uses it, it's for display.

I love martial arts movies dont you?

why do you care what quality the bokken is?

if you are doing real sword training it will break anyway.

bokkens are meant to break during sword training. only obsessed crazy people oil thier bokkens/wasters etc.

just buy a cheap bokken of ok quality that will last long enough for your purposes.

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