Adult or Children Class?

Question:I'm 14 and I can either join the adult or children class.

Which should I join? Why?


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I'd recommend going to the adult class, You want something that will push you, or make you strive to do better.

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If you are big for your age and tough, join the adult class.

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you should join according to how much your strength is.if you are weak,try children class.strong?go to adult class.

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adult because they are harder and you get hit harder taking harder poundins THUs making you hard core!!

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Well, you would definitely be better off in the adult class, as there are some very small kids in the children's class.
Good luck!

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adult.never heard of a karate school that allows 14 year olds to train as children.if thats the case maybe you really do tkd and your in the mcdojo?

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Adult class other wise you would be bored and prone to showing off, good luck and above all enjoy your training

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Talk to your sensei, there may be differences in the lessons taught to the childrens class. Also if you feel you would be able to offer more then a punching bag to the adult class , you may want to try for that.

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It all depends on the schools policy and how mature you are for your age.
You may not want to here this but you'd be in my childern class...ages from, 8 to 15 and adults 16 and older.

Over the years I have studied some 1/2 dozen differtent Arts and hold the rank of a Black Belt in more then one.
For more then 10 years now I have been learning and teaching the Art of Kenpo Karate. kenpo is truly an awesome street self defense Art with devastating techniques. Go to and search Larry Tatum, Jeff Speakman, Frank Soto and Ed Parker for some Kenpo demos, and enjoy. If you go to your favorite search engine check out "kenpo" and you'll find out much more.

I hope this information helps and good luck to you.

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Adult 'cause u learn more there.

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