A doctorate in martial arts?

With all the things you can be given a doctorate for (ie. design, singing, even fly fishing) is it possible to get a doctorate in martial arts?? if so, where are the courses held at to get your doctorate in martial arts?? anyone ever heard of some body doing this?? I'm very curious about this.


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I don't know about a Doctorate in Martial Arts in the United States, but I do know that UC Berkeley confers Bachelor's degrees in Martial Arts. Some universities in China offer Martial Arts PhDs as a subcategory of Sports Science and Medicine programs.

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I've heard of a few Grand Masters that have PhD's but it's usually in some kind of physical education program, health/healing etc. Usually martial arts and heath (internal chi stuff) go hand in hand when you get to the master/grand master level.

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These liks should guide you.

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Yes its a degree. which last tiem i checked is considred a doctorate, once you get you black belt you are considered to have your teaching degree. you are still none the lessa student yourselve but, it is consideered a teachign degree. in kung fu it would be when you are evaluated by your masters, so i guess saying black belt would be wrong, in most japanese martial arts that is considred your teaching degree any way yes good luck in finding a degree froam university!

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In Japan chiropractors tend to be judoka, so I guess that's sort of like what your thinking.

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I have never seen this offered by a college.

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