Any opinions on Drysdale's School of Taekwon-Do? It's located in Michigan.?


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The school is OK. From my understanding it was better five years ago. Since then, they either have lost or rarely see several of the higher ranking students.

I pulled my child out because other schools in the area offer better youth programs. They have better equipment, more activities, more events, consistent instructors. Plus I don't want my child to hear religous, political and moral viewpoints from a martial arts instructor. Especially one who is ultra-conservative and narrow-minded.

If you just want your child to train day in and day out, be required to learn Korean & a book full of material and test every 3-5 months, then the place is OK. The juniors are taught by various Black Belts, whose only teaching experience is the fact they trained at the school. So we had teenagers as instructors and they weren't worth the monthly dues.

If the owner wasn't so arrogant and lowered his opinion of himself the school would be much better. Martial Artists are suppose to be humble, his guy needs to re-take that course.

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Good form of sport...a skill to protect urself...

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