Aikido vs. Jujitsu?

Question:I've already researched both of these martial arts. But there are a few gaps I need to fill in.

My questions here are:

1) Has any practitioner of aikido ever competed in the UFC or PRIDE FC? Just confirming.

2) What's the actual effectiveness (on the street) of these two martial arts? Statistical info would help.

I've read some data about Jujitsu being used in the streets to overpower and disable attackers but no info/data on aikido.

Straight answers very much welcome. Wise-crackers are welcome too but your answers don't really help.



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There are a few points that you have to consider when choosing a Martial disciplin to train in. First and foremost, you have to remeber that that you will get out of your training exactly what you put into it, nothing more and nothing less. Therefore, the more you train and learn the intricacies of your art, whatever it is, the more effective you will become in being able to call upon it in a practical application scenerio. That being said, here are some points to conside. Nothing is always effective except your mind and there in lies the secret technique. A mind open to growth will always be strong.
Also, a kick is a kick, a punch is a punch etc. Akido and JuJitsu share some interesting similarities as many of their "techniques utilize the opponants momentum as the defenders strength and they both work with joint manipulation and off balancing techniques. Aikido, on the other hand is completely defensive in its purest form and therefore utilizes very few if any attacking movements which is also another difference fron Jujitsu. However, as you develop more skill in any "style", there will always be a wealth of knowlege hidden inside the basic movements which will become clearer as you train. So what is the answer:
1. Find a Sensei or school that you like and trust and feel comortable with
2. Train hard, as if you really mean it , and be open to constructive guidance even when your ego feels a bit bruised
3. Avoid confrontation at all costs primarily because no one ever wins and the consequences generally outweigh the victories.
4. The best defensive skill is your awareness and your strongest technique is in your heart and mind
5. If you must use your skills, remember to be swift, effective calm. The goal is to get out of the trouble, not "win" the fight. UFC is a sport and a skill, MMA is also a style of Martial Arts. Remeber that there are rules. The street has only one rule, survive. Sun Tzu points that the best way to defeat your enemy is not to fight them.

Good luck in your training, do the research, find what you like and train hard. Success will surely be yours.. Good Luck

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Aikido r cool

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WTF is your (everyone's) obsession with street fighting effectiveness. You want answerers to cite examples, well do you think that people who get into real fights have camera men with them?

Aikkido also isn't effective in sportfighting. MANY martial arts are based on ancient fighting systems. These systems focus on defending yourself against an unskilled brute, not a highly trained MMA artist in peak physical condition.

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1. NO, akido will only work on old women, 2. akido will work on small children and old people, where jiu-jitsu is used in mma matches so it will work on someone who is not trained. Jiu-jitsu with a little kickboxing is all you need to destroy someone on the street. It is also alot of fun to practice jiu-jitstu, so I reconmend it to you insted of akido.

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jiu jitsu is better

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Morihei Ueshiba was firmed sending multiple attackers flying during demonstrations. I would say those demonstrations were faked, except for the fact that RFK's secret service agents were totally embarrassed by Ueshiba during an impromptu demonstration. So I guess if one can extrapolate from an old man being able to defeat secret service guys in a demonstration, Aikido can be very effective.

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I think there were some akido practiioners in the early UFCs like 1 & 2, but I can not say with complete certainty.

As far as effectiveness on the street, I would recommend staying out of those situations. If that isn't an option, how about the ancient art of "Pepper Spray". Its much faster to learn, and extremely effective.

Just my two cents,


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Aikido is for weird people who want to be a asian. It doesn't work in real life situtation unless person is really weak, slow, or incredible stupid.

There has been no Aikido fighter competed in MMA event for more than 10 years.

So my pick is go with Jujitsu.

btw Joe b is correct.

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Aikido would be a bad martial art in the UFC or any MMA competition.

Aikido is extremely effective on the street, its main goal tho is to "get away" With very limited punches and kicks...

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A lot would depend on your own personal body type, too. If you do not possess too much upper body strength but feel you move well on your feet, look into Jujitsu; if, however, you are a bit heavy and strong in your upper body, look into Aikido; you do not need great foot speed for Aikido (The Loving Art). These styles of Martial Art are really not geared toward the competitive aspects of UFC or PRIDE FC or those spectacles you see on TV with cheering fans.

My nephew is a bit on the heavy side but he has a lot of explosive energy (not in the hostile sense of the word, but in the athletic sense), and he's also a trauma surgeon. He's a 2nd Degree Blackbelt in Jujitsu. Oh, Steven Segal (yeah, he can't act at all) uses Aikido in the movies, and his former wife also REALLY did teach Aikido.

I have it on personal knowledge (both styles; my nephew's Jujitsu and my late older brother, Aikido) are about the same insofar as effectiveness in overpowering and disabling attackers in a REAL street situation; it depends on the individual person. I cannot get into details for reasons best not disclosed.

Why don't you go interview a Jujitsu instructor and then go and interview an Aikido instructor? Also, ask them the same question; a GOOD instructor will guide you not into HIS school but whatever school is good for YOU. Look at a practice session and determine where you feel more comfortable.

Good luck and best wishes.

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Hmm, interesting. The founder of Aikido was a bad man even when he was old. Ueshiba just played around and was able to amazing things. I think Steven Segal uses some form of Aikido. Keep in mind any time an art (or religion) is formed there will be splintering as one group things this is better, etc. As far as effectiveness, that depends upon how you train. The concepts of body positioning, footwork, timing, speed, good body mechanics, and accuracy are the keys.
A street fight can end quickly with a punch or two, arm bar, kick, etc (I can confirm as can both of my brothers) or it can last a bit longer and thus is more dangerous as more people may join in (once again my brothers and I can confirm). The police may get involved which may or may not help. The best street fight is the one you survive. I can understand your desire to be effective in your art. The key to this is the training and adapting to the situations. A lot of arts have defenses against the body punch, the head punch is more common in the US... that would be a key change, etc. Getting data on a street fight is tough as you are counting on potentially unreliable sources or reported incidents.
As far as the UFC... those guys are tough, physically in shape and I hope you don't have to go against them in a street fight. There are no rules in a street fight (the targets of the groin, eyes, knees are all open, biting, breaking of limbs, no one may come to your aid, etc.).
Keep in mind the school will play a big part in your training... check it out.
Best of luck.

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Aikido is very effective, as is Jujitsu when it's used properly. Aikido has the benefits of both types of "fighting games" that I often mention (ground game, and standing game) punching and kicking, while it uses joint locks and manipulation, it also works on some ground techniques, while Jujitsu is mostly centered around ground techniques. but both are effctive in a fight because of their adaptability to the opponent.

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Here is the straight answer for you. Styles cannot be compared. There are too many factors.
Quality and frequency of training outweigh style.

I am, in general, a skeptic of Akido.
On one hand it is an old art and has been around for a long time. On the other hand I think is it too specialized. At best I feel it is a supplement to a striking art.

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definetly jujitsu

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