Any Good Muay Thai School, Academy Near Los Angeles??

I Looked Into Many Martial Arts. And I decided To Take Up Muay Thai Any Good Schools Near Los Angeles? Thanks.


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Don't you sometimes wish people would just answer the question being asked!!?

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Gym, (818) 786-7922 - 14661 Lanark St, Van Nuys I've heard this one's better.
Muay Thai Academy of America, (818) 760-3880 - 11024 Vanowen St, North Hollywood

Listen, the guy wants to take Muay Thai! Either give him the information he's asking for, or shut the hell up! WHO are any of YOU to tell him not to DO what he wants to DO! (to the beat now!)

With the exception of Tom S, the rest of your answers sucked!

Check out both schools to see what's what before you sign up with either one of them. Don't just talk to the instructor, maybe pull some his students aside after training, and talk to them too.

Good Luck!

What is the name of the martial arts created in Brazil by dishonored monks?

dont matter, ull just get ur butt kicked...challenge me then

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Do you know of a site to go on to learn some cool jeet kune do moves?

you shouldn't take it unless you want to get beat up real badly. I suggest you take up a simple martial art first such as tae-kwon-do or jujitsu then when your done learning that art you might be ready for thai. kickboxing is sort of like muay thai but not as tough. It really depends though some martial arts focus on self defense while others depend on joint manipulation or throws. besides i don't even think they teach it in the U.S

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chuck liddel lives in las vegas nevada and has his own gym there. it might cost a little bit of money, but he's the world light heavyweight champion. research some info on that.

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This is a "Very Good" School

Muay Thai Academy of America, (818) 760-3880 - 11024 Vanowen St, North Hollywood

Around the corner from Vanowen & Vineland

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