Any opinions on US Karate Academy in Island Park, NY?


What is a good type of self-defense or martial arts that is for beginners but still effective?

I don't know that one but signs of good karate club are:

It follows one of the four major karate disciplines ( I prefer shotokan or shitoryu).
It is an affiliate of WKF and international organizations like Shotokan Karatedo International (SKI), JKA or Kobe-Osaka International(KOI).
It teaches the traditional way.
Look for signs of accomplishments like medals in major national and international tournaments.

Gabriel Gonzaga (Godzirra)?

Don't know specifically about the one in Island Park, but Karate shops in Wantagh, Levittown, and Bellmore are often packed. The martial arts are a great way to instill confidence in one-self. That way there is a less chance of being victimized by bullies, cheats, and liars. Also another way to gain confidence is by lifting weights. To survive and thrive in our competitive society, you need to be tough. Karate or weighlifting gives you toughness.

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