Any one now the results of the pridefc absolute final pls?


What's up with people wanting to learn how to fight with sword?

CroCop beat Silva
Barnett beat Nog
Crocop beat Barnett
Shogun beat some guy, don't know how to spell his name
Arona beat Overeem

I want to be kung-fu master, but everyone says that I am just a girl. That's not fare! What should I do?

Do we need to unscramble the letters to make a sentence?

Is chain punching the best when it comes to street fighting?

wanderlei lost to crocop...waaaaaahhhhh!

...i'm so sad.

then crocop went on to beat barnett for the title.

Does anyone here take ninjitsu?

I m lost here - if more answers are left for you I will hopefully get a handle on it goodluck

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