Am I too old to study the martial arts?

I will be 30 years old this February. Am I too old to take up Kung Fu?


Could you hurt a man for money?

Of course not.

I took up Karate and Kickboxing when I was 35. I have been kickboxing competitively for 7 years now.

What is the most effective martial arts out there that is widely available in America?

no * you are in the prime of your life!!

How do I get better at the capoeira moves?

#1 your not old, #2 your not old & #3 your never too old to try somehting new!

Can anybody tell me about the cloth you sometimes see fully wrapped around a sword?

Nope, just take a little more work to get limber.

Who would win tito ortiz or john cena?

no not really

Who thinks Herb Dean should be fired?

no - go for it

When doing a hadoken?

My neighbor teaches martial arts and I was interested in joining and I said that I would feel stupid because I am 24 and just now starting, he said he has people of all ages start all the time and that I wouldn't have a problem because no matter the age we all start out in the beginners class, I am starting next week and there is a 61 year old starting with me!

I hate GSP. I think he is a coward and a punk. USA rulez...!?


What happened to the Hughes/St.Pierre fight?

No, I don't believe you are too old.

Knew you the true Filipino founder of arts? , I want the true founder?

no, no one ever is

How can I shoot faster in Wrestling/Judo?

no, my uncle started at 45 and was a blackbelt by 48. And he was really fat when he just got to stick with it man.

What would win in a fight between 50 midget wrestlers against a silverback?

I am 13 and my dad is 35 and he and i do kung fu, trust me, ur not 2 old

Interested in an art of avoidance- are there books or teachers available in the U.S that teach Lee Kwan Choo?

Kung Fu, form of Chinese boxing that involves karate-like kicks and jumps in a more acrobatic form, with additional techniques not found in karate.

There is no specific age for learning kung fu.But you must take note of your previous wounds and injured areas because there are the most vulerable parts when learning this. Also, if you think kung fu is too vigourous, you may even try karate or tae kwon do which are other popular choices of martial arts.

It is also important for you to find an excellent teacher.
Don't hesitate. Take it now!

Martial arts as a career?

Heck, no! Go for it!

My husband is 31 and is planning to start taking Jujitsu this fall. We also have a friend who is in his mid-40's who recently started taking martial arts.

Have fun!!

Any good tai chi teachers around russellville ky?

no way its never 2 late to learn something life and have fun and let no one stand in your it while you still have the option to...if you enjoy it or interested give it a shot and 30 isnt old at all.your still young...remember no regrets

I want to find a school in Phoenix, AZ for Iaido, Iaijutsu, and possibly Tameshi-giri. Any recommendations?

of course not ...just snatch the pebble from my hand pick up the burning cauldron with your bare arms and walk the earth looking for wrongs to right and you'll be kunging and fuing like a goodun.

Please pray that I do well on my karate test tonight. I've trained but blank when the pressure's on.?

No, you're in your prime & it's never too late to study the arts. If you have any health concerns, you might check with your doctor though just to be sure you have no conditions which might cause you pain or difficulty. Once that physical is cleared, then go & enjoy.

Learning Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, any of these styles is an amazing experience that will teach you not only how to defend yourself, be great exercise, help balance you mentally, but they will build confidence and assurance in many aspects of your life.

Kimbo is going to fight ray mercer. who will win?

Absolutely Not! I am young myself and paracticed two different styles for 7 years along side both of my parents who are moving into their fifties now. My mother no longer does but my father does everyday and I think he'll be teaching anyone willing to learn til he dies.

A martial arts question?why do so many ppl say things like?

no for sure not. Just before you take any classes ide recomend doing some hard core stretching so you don't feel shy when you get here stretch for about 1 hour a day for 2 weeks leadign up to your first day of lessons good luck!

Have you ever been beatin up in fight you though you could win?

No... you may have to work up to stuff instead of jumping in but go ahead and start if you doctor is cool with it. I'm older than you and I still practice

I once studied Isshinryu many Okinawan styles are there?


Is anyone in taekwondo? If so, could you describe a rVertical Back Elbow Strike...?

No you are not too old
I recently went to a martial arts tourney
there were kids started from age 3 and also
lots of adults with lots of gray hair mind you
Martial arts are good for your mind body and soul at any age
And I am sure it could help you lose those few pounds we 30-ish
have gained over the years
Good Luck!

Where can i buy a katana with a gold Kaku Gata?

we have/had students starting in the mid to late 40's. It does get tougher with age, but just make sure you get a good warm up and stretch before class starts and you should be good to go.

Also, at 30 you are still young and active. Many UFC champions are in their late 30's.

Anybody know were you can try out wrestling in Belfast/Newtownabbey etc..?

HA! I am 42 and just started a new martial art this year, after studying several others in the past 20+. Never too old to learn something new.

Has anyone been in that situation where they've had to use their Marial Arts?

No, some fighters (Randy Couture for example) got started later than most fighters. You're never too old to try something new.

Boiling a mouthpiece?

You're not too old. I didn't start training in martial arts until age 37...I'm 40 now and still going strong. It may be a little tougher on the body than it would if you were younger, but if you stick with it and dedicate yourself you will be just fine.

Teaching karate?

No way!
a friend of mine which is one of my seniors in aikido is 65 years old. now he is a brown belt aikido-kai.
you think you are too old?!? well... when there is a will there is a way :)

Looking for a video, where this man is showing a jiu-jitsu class some takedowns on anther, guy, its amaizing?

h ell no I stared as an older adult. just realize the 1st few times your body will ache & it'll take time to get the moves down pat. good luck & welcome to the world of martial arts : )

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