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Question:ok since so many think Martial Arts is about a good credit score etc I have apage I am adding with all the current slodiers deaths, most have less than a 550 fico, many here think that makes them less American. Or that Violence does not popropergate Violence.
We In This Community have an OBLIGATION to show society that Violence SUx and that MMA etc stands for skills not who you can slaughter. Our Enemy loves the fact we are so divided.
This community should be about being safe, as Martial Arts once use to stand for, not money gain, that's what a job is for.
This Is Martial Arts...


Spirituality through Martial Arts?

Just say NO to drugs, man.

Who chose for a martial arts Karate?, Why did u choose it and what form of it do you do?

What are you rambling about?
Credit scores, blah blah blah, violence, blah blah blah soldiers.

Try to make your message more clear and I will leave a real answer for you.

Peace on to you brother.

Which one should I choose?

I sure hope you're not a college professor.

To compete or not to compete.?

Sure thanks! What ever you say.

Can you believe Travis Lutter didn't make weight for tonights fight and now it's not for the title?

What is wrong with you man. I dont think anybody has a clue of what you are trying to say. Damn..

Is it posible to rip some ones throat in martial atrs then the person not dying?


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