A brain teaser?

where was kickboxing first practiced? i dont mean muay thai.


What song would you make your entrance into the octagon with?



Ok,,if i came to your do jo and went..."Im a KARATE MAN!..and started jumping around...kicking...punching..


Bas Rutten vs Tim Slyvia? ( Current UFC Champ )?

the u.s.

Where can i get videos of karate kadas?


How can i build a ring for mma type fighting/ kickboxing?

What does wast mean? I think it was Thialand

How do you punch like Bruce lee?

Kickboxing has its roots in Mauy Thai, but was first introduced in Japan by Osamu Noguchi in 1966.

Is 15 too old to start brazillian jiu jitsu?

japan maybe

Is there a site for Tae kwon do, that will teach me right now for free?


I have a 100 lb bag, is it o.k. to hit it as hard as I can?

Kickboxing as a sport or kickboxing as in defending your self through using your hands and feet?? as a sport it was first developed in Japan as a previous answer has already stated.
as a means of defense well that one is up for debate.
broken down kickboxing is (as a means of defense) is very vague and could be translated into almost any unarmed combat. then we must ask what is the oldest unarmed combat? well many are still arguing the winner of that one. many think it was kung fu developed by Buddhist minks in India and then taken to china. cave drawings in Korea of martial arts type movements date about a thousand years before that and others say native Americans had a system of combat long before them. which ones true we still don't know.

How can i brushen up my fighting skills?

Kick-boxing originated in the United States, during the seventies. (Kick-boxing was actually known as full-contact Karate). Because (karate) kumite competitiors felt the point scoring system was too resticting, kick-boxing was developed.

Can any ninjitsu experts, or students tell me what ninjitsu is?

United States of America

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