Answering Joshua M's question?

Question:Ok first of all you should make your email adress able to be reached through here so its easier. Now as far as the Zui Quan goes it is very hard to find a school that teaches Zui Quan exclusivly and even harder to find one that knows what they are doing. I advise you do what I do. Get a good solid mix of martial arts one of them being Zui Quan. If you are willing to move you could come train where I do which its a little expensive due to how much property costs in florida but my instructor has one multiple world championships and is well versed in jujitsu , eagle claw kung fu, muy thai, zui quan, monkey kung fu, tiger claw kung fu, and a little bit in samurai sword fighting. However odds are you wont want to move so I would advise trying to find a good school that just features zui quan as one of their styles.

One thing I can't stress enough is that you should find a school that isnt in it for the money and is truly about the art. Also make sure they do realistic sparring


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