Any one knows about any chaolin Kung Fu in china?

i want to see if any chaolin temples offer teaching programs?


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Here are two sites (see their links pages):

The Shaolin International Federation (in The Netherlands)

Zhou Shaolin Kung Fu Tai Chi New Jersey

They might be able to provide you with information about what is available in other parts of the world.

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i do know its shaolin but other than that im clueless about temples and what not

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Shaolin is still taught at both Shaolin temples in China. The courses usually are purchased in weeklong or 6 week blocks. You can sign up to become a full time student at one of the Shaolin monastaries or schools, but that is a hard life and one that you must commit to long term.

Another way to learn Shaolin Kung Fu is to enroll at one of the approved schools in the US and UK. USSD is Shaolin approved as is Shifu's school of Shaolin Kung Fu in NYC.

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dude.its a show as in not real
but at iny rate you best look for training on ninjutsu its the closest thing to xiaolin training

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