A question for MMA fighters only. Tall or Short who has the advantage?

Question:In MMA does a tall guy have the advantage or does a short guy have the advantage? (Same weight)
Now I know the tall guy has a reach advantage standing up, does the shorter guy have any advantage standing? What about on the ground is it better to be taller or shorter? Who has the advantage on the shoot or sprawl and why?


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Well, taller can be better in standup. Although sometimes the taller fighter DOESN'T have the reach advantage. However, punching up isn't as good as punching down. It's possible a person could be shorter and close the distance easier. In terms of wrestling, I would say the shorter guy has the lower center of gravity, but the taller guy can really put his weight on you much better. Ony the ground, it's not too big of a deal, shorter limbs give up less leverage, but locking a submission can be easier with long limbs.

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As a general rule it is always better to be taller there are a few exceptions, but generally you want more reach. Even on the ground. Unless of course your weight is because you are a total beanpole and have no muscle, then groundwise you are just a target. But then again the rule of normal kicks in because I wonder how tall you have to be to be a weakling but still be average weight because of your height.

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Depends on alot of things. first of all who's got more experience and who's technique is better. Also since the taller guy has a reach advantage but the little guy could shoot better because of his low center of gravity. So it's all a matter of luck. Depending on the fighters so there is actually no real advantage for anyone it's like trying to decide who would win between a striker and a submission artist. It's 50/50 at best.

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The smaller guy will have a lower center of gravity so it will be easier for him to take the taller guy down. Once they are on the ground I don't think height matters, wrestling and submission skill is what matters then.

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like you said the taller has the reach advantage but
the shorter has the advantage when it comes to grappling
since he is more flexible he will be able to use his hips quicker when it comes to defending him self from submission

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i say, if you have 2 evenly matched fighters, tall vs short, i would rather be short, i myself am tall, 6-3". i fight in the light heavy weight division, i much prefer to fight shorter fighters,,, i can keep them on the outside easier,, make them less likely to shoot. but a shorter can shoot more effectively. i always hated fighting taller guys. its hard to say. even on the ground height would insue a disadvantage , but i have no trouble on the ground, thats where im best, but it is harder to sinch a kamura, or an american lock,, and especially an arm bar. those shorter levers are harder to pull over. i dunno dude, i would end in saying no advantage

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Being shorter than a 7 foot tall martial artists is a big intimidance, but smaller and smarter fighters can attack the legs of the taller guys, the taller they are, the weaker the legs. But difference in reach is what would hurt the smaller guy. Smaller guys with more muscles and more experience would know how to beat tall guys with less muscle and experience!

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If the experience level is the same, the taller person usually has the reach advantage and longer limbs. During stand-up, that means the person with the longer reach can hit the other person from a bigger distance. On the ground, the reach advantage still has the upperhand for blows and the longer limbs have an advantage in keeping a guard position.

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the shorter guy if there both same weight should have more muscle, so he should be better on the ground and be easy to slip from the taller guys hands while the taller guy has better stand up.

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While skill on both ground and strikeing are important, lets not forget the mental differences. The taller guy will most likely think that he has the advantage, while the shorter is thinking of the difference in a way that has him planning to be more agressive. I personally find it easeir to beat someone who is bigger than me. The smaller guys are ussualy thinking that they are going to get killed because the other guy is bigger. The smaller fighter is thinking about the fight more as a life or death situation than the bigger guy. But thats just my experience.

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