I am now 27 years old.I have strong desier to be martal artist can I be?

-I have been working sports irregularly which may not be scientific and unguided by Master/trained person of martial art.Now the elasticity of my muscle may get down due to my age ,but still I have strong desire.


What is it with all those people?

Yes, it just takes a lot of time, dedication, and will power. You need to not only WANT to do it, you need to MAKE yourself do it.

Are there any muscles immediately in the navel area?

Watch Out Chuck Norris!

Martial arts; judo?

You can do what ever if you put your mind to it . Good luck

Can some one teach themselves basic martial art with the right discipline?

Do you want to draw picture of military themes or learn oriental fighting techniques? the answer to both is --get a teacher.

Best Martial Arts For Me?

Go ahead and do it! Don't hesitate to. You should not deny yourself a good learning opportunity.

Is there any successful professional Karate fighters competing in MMA?

Whatever you do don't be an English teacher.

Jeet Kune Do?

sure - just DO it

Who would win in a fight Mirko Filipovic cro cop at it peaks or Mike tyson at 19 years old?

There are no age restriction for Martial Arts. You just realize your limitations, and bring yourself just a little beyond.

Can anyone tell me anything about Masahiro swords?

Xingyi style great Li Luoneng, 1809-1890, didn't get a chance to study the art until he was 37 years-old. After quite a bit of hard training, he succeeded 10 years later at the age of 47.

Kali as a method of self defense?

So what. I'm 35 and have finally been serious about my training since January. I've done many different styles in the past. Made me a free style fighter. But I want to become an instructor. So getting a black belt and the respect from it is important.

How do i find mixed martial arts tickets and locations??

go for it!!

One of my instructors who is a 4th degree aikido blackbelt started when he was 45.

George Leonard started at 45 and got his black belt at 50.

Both are not RAMBO, both are now over 70, and both are fine martial artists and fine instructors.

Easy way to become less nervous and more ferocious?

if you feel you should then do it.

Does anybody know this style?

sure u can just set ur mind to it

Anyone know the address for Yang's Kungfu School in Northern VA.?

Yup, absoposilutely, yeah you can be a Martial Artist, I know guys who started in their 30's and 40's and do quite well in Martial Arts.

So g'head. find you a good class nearby and start up a few classes

the more you practice, the better your flexibility will get, there is a well known martial artist named Bill "Superfoot" Wallace who is well into his 60's I believe, and he can still kick with the same power and flexibility as he did in his prime.

So age doesn't play too much of a factor in flexibility, unless you have had any injuries to your legs.

I'm 30 with a torn LCL ligament in my left knee, and it doesn't stop me.

good luck

What are the best MMA(mixed martial arts) gyms in southern California?

It is never too late to learn, however you might be happier with a style that requires less athletics than most Tae Kwon Do or Judo schools require. The more traditional styles of Japanese/Okinawan karate tend to require a lot less athletics and appeal to older students. unless the school/instructor decided to modernize and make what they teach more athletic for beginners, in order to appeal to modern American tastes.

Where can I find the latest UFC fight for free on the internet?

All Martial ares are good.I'll give you some facts on some:

Taekwoondo uses 90% of Legs (Kicks)(Olympic sport).
Karate is hands and legs but its kicks and punches are sharp and cut (Sport).
Kung fu uses both legs and hands in a more flowing movement(Sport).
Judo is mostly graps and turnovers and falls (Olympic sport).
Muai Tai has legs ,hands, elbows and is played in a boxing ring.
Aikido has hand techniques and falls (Not a sport).

I personally train in Chapkoondo it's a mix of Kung Fu ,Karate,Muai tai and Chinese boxing(Sport).I also have Black belt in Kung Fu.So there is no good bad or better.It's up to what each person likes and his body structure.

I am in a dilema i have rugby on wednesdays and sundays but tkd on a friday would this affect my tkd?

You can start martial arts at any age.Over time and regular workouts your muscles will adapt and become more "elastic" your flow and your health will greatly improve,if you have the desire and the motivation don't let age stop you.

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