A workout routine for a 15 year old kid who wants to go full contact?


I'm 15 years old and i've been practicing shotokan karate since 8 years, i have a 1st dan black belt.
Over the past few days and after watching all those ufc videos i became obsessed with full contact.

I currently weigh 55 - 57 or so Kg.
I want a daily workout routine that is intense enough to give me enough power/speed/reflex to engage in a full contact match.
I want to be as good as possible, please tell me what i should do each day and try to explain the workouts for me.

There's also this thing that's really confusing me; i've allready told you about my new obsession with full contact, well i need to know this:
If i want to one day participate in mma fights and one day be in the UFC, does that necceseraly mean that i must totally forget about going to college after i graduate from high school? (I'm currently in the 10th grade)
Is that a sacrifice that i HAVE to make? Because i can't find my self happy doing something else.



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NO.finish your schooling...most(if not all) of those fighters you see in the UFC have degrees in something or other, if you want something that will help you along then maybe look into going into Human Kinetics with a major in Nutrition..or Nutrition with a Major in Kineseology..you'd be surprised what you might learn

Keep an open mind and finish your schooling

as for the martial arts advice??
Perform some bodyweight exercises for a few months and then hit the weights is what I'd have to say...if you're not strong enough to do some of these bodyweight exercises then you're NOT strong enough to fight professionally

Push Ups...eventually working up to Handstand push ups
Pull ups.where one repetition is all the way up and all the way down(with no leg swinging).eventually working up to 1 armed pull up...and that DOES NOT mean one hand on the bar with one holding that hands wrist...it means on hand on the bar while the other one hangs
Lunges/squats..eventually working up to a 1 legged squat.where you're on one leg and you squat down until your butt touches your calf..if it doesnt touch it doesnt count

Don't worry about mucles like Biceps/Triceps in the beginning as their just helper mucles
What you want to worry about is..
Legs.the basis for any kick punch power
You will want to build up both power and endurance in your legs
Midsection(hips/abs/obliques/l... back)...alot of your power will come from here also
Back..for Power
Shoulders.if you cant last 3 minutes for a round of boxing you wont be much good(which if you are serious about going MMA you should take a class in, then maybe progressing to kickboxing/muay thai)
Forearms/Grips.you want to be able to grab your opponent and let him know who'se boss

good basic numbers as far as weight lifting goes
(and NO, to anyone that wants to argue these numbers, they are not unrealistic...if you want to fight you have to have your body ready)

1 Repetition Max
Deadlift...4 times your bodyweight
Squat(olympic style)..4 times your bodyweight
Military Press.1.5 times your bodyweight
Bench Press.3 times your bodyweight

Just remember out of those 4 the most important would probably be the deadlift.NOT the bench press...as the deadlift is the closest thing there to a true test of raw strength

This will leave you ready for any weight class that your possibly in

Another thing is...I cant show you how to properly perform those exercises what you'll have to do if your serious is find a professional/teacher/whoever and get them to show you how to properly perform them as they are extremely easy to hurt yourself doing and thats just something you dont want to do..and I dont really care if your friend/cousing/brother 'looks like he knows what he's doing'.ask a profesional

those are my basic thoughts.hope they gave you an idea as to how hard the road ahead of you is going to be
I cant actually do out a proper routine on this little slab so if you want to feel free to email me at dennis101k@yahoo.ca and I'll send you some routines for weights that will put your strength through the roof

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Check out Ross Enamait. Watch his clips on youtube and search for him on yahoo or something and you'll find some things.

Check out Chris Clugston's "The Program" and "Maximum Survival Conditioning" Here you will find the best fitness DVD's ever. They are mostly Self Defense based but will help any fighter.

I keep reading about Matt Furey products but they do seem slightly exotic.

There are a very high amount of exercises in this one book "Fighter's Fact Book Over 400 Concepts ?" (forgot the full and extremely long title)

Maybe the Mark Hatmaker Gladiator Conditioning DVD's will do you some good.

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i agree with dP.. you should go to college..

i know there are many ufc fighters out there that never went to school and that's a scary prospect..

understand this.. mma fighting is a very aggressive sport, and you can always end up with a career ending injury if you're not careful.. so you need an education to fall back on, because if you're too injured to fight, you're most likely going to be too injured to work in any other job but a desk job, and for a desk job you need an education!!

i also agree with dP's suggestion for what type of education would be good.. some type of degree in physical education or nutrition, physical therapy, personal training, etc.. these are professions that are always in demand and jobs are available almost everywhere.. plus as a fighter, they'll help you to better condition yourself, and amp your training by knowing how the body works and what to do to improve it..

as for training, you're only 15, in most legit fighting organizations, you need to be 18 to compete.. so, that gives you 3 years to train and condition yourself..

now if you're lucky enough to live in a location that has a mixed martial arts school, i'd say switch over and start training mma, but if you aren't there are some key area's to work on, those are:

kickboxing/muay Thai
takedowns/takedown defense
ground and pound

as well as

strength training

it's also good to do some yoga, qigong or tai chi.. these systems help you focus and concentrate, when you're in the ring the adrenaline dump is so intense that its almost hard to control, with a meditative system you can more easily center yourself and be better prepared to perform to the best of your ability..

check out these video sets:

well, i hope this helps! the journey to the ufc is a long one.. i'd suggest doing what a family friend did, which is join the high school wrestling team, if there's one at your school.. it will give you a great base and sprawling experience, and along with jiujitsu and stand up, can make for a great mma fighter.. that friend went from high school wrestling, to king of the cage welterweight champ to the ultimate fighter season 1 welterweight winner and now he's one of the more dominant fighters in the ufc... so you stay focused and determined, know your destiny and that you decide what it's going to be!

~*good luck*~

Does tae kwon do involve the kata in some way?

you are not a black belt in shotokan, if you were you would have all you need to go full contact, and second 1st dan is the rank of black belt you do not need to say "1st dan black belt",

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