Any tips on improving boxing speed?

just started to box as a hobby annd want to improve my punch speed. Any tips are exercises I can do?


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see if u can get some wrist weights, or soem ankle weights...hook em around the wrist...make sure theyre light and offer some on a bag or in the air by throwing the punches.give that a go...see if u feel the difference

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practice. lots of it. it will come. good luck

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the main thing that slows you down is tension. Practice relaxed movement things come a lot lot faster then.

this is not taught by many teachers, but it works.

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The short answer is simple: Speed is first developed in the mind, sending signals to your muscles to activate them, the more you do something the faster you become because the more signals your brain sends to activate more muscle fibers, this is why a little strength training will go a long way as well( dont over do it though) secondly, relax, tension will slow you down as well, plyometric exercises wil compliment the resistance/strength trainging tremendously it builds explosive power, dont over do it too much on your training or itll be harder to accel further in speed training, finally look at your technique and try to find the most efficient(sp?) way to execute it, remember the straightest line is the fastest, not always the strongest though, but we are talking about speed here. thats the basics.

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Practice. Relax and let it flow. Thinking too much will slow you down, so you have to be able to just let it go.

I am retired from the ring, now 51 years old.
What worked for me is something I just kind of stumbled across. No one told me this is how you do it. Think about the result you want to achieve "CONTACT". Don't think about how you're going to get to that point, just contact.

See if that helps.

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just relax and keep working at it it'll come.i must say that ive never ever come across a teacher that doesnt teach you to relax and not be tense,but then i never come across anyone that got thier chi from there dog either.lmao.

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first and relax,and dont picture yourself in motion,picture the point of will need to do some strength and reisistance training...4 tips,practice,practice ,practise,practise,...and when your done pr train,then practice some more..

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the best thing i found was to train to music. i use the bag and i train to drum'n'bass music cos without knowing it you attack according to the music and being drum'n'bass it is fast so you tend to go fast. u get tired quickly but speed and stamina come as a package.

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Yes - put this question in 'boxing' section; secondly relax as a relaxed muscle moves faster than a tensed one, a Russian guy called Pevsner did some research and concluded that there was an 800% difference in the rate of which muscles could consciously relaxed between the man in the street and Olympic athletes. Keeping that in mind might help

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Practice and doing some training to increase your strength and explosive power. This includes an all body workout such as powerlifting and olympic lifts. See for some help on this. This gives you the overall workout you need - plyometrics, strength, power, flexibility, etc. I'm a grappler, so speed, strength, power, and flexibility are necessary for me.

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using different types of equpiment can help you buld up your speed, try using a spped ball or floor to ceiling ball they will help with your speed as long as you practice, you can get them in alot of sport shops, also i find as long as your using the right technique punching with small weighted dumbells for short busrts not only improves your strenght and endurence but will help with your speed to.

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