Anybody know any good judo sites?


I know this martial artist who wins most of his street fights by attacking opponents nuts. Is this ethical?

Does Southern Shaolin Temple/school, Putian, Fujian, China have accommodation for foreigners studying kongfu?

Most effective?

go to google search and right judo you get all sites of judo ...

What can i do to harden my fists?


Is it to late to learn Ninjutsu at age 18-19? is a good site covering: what is judo, techniques, history, books, clothing, everything really!

Is seppuku best practised on an empty stomach?

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Should i worry about dizzeness after a sparring session?

go to the british judo association website and that should give you all the info you need

What do the MMA fighters on The Ultimate Fighter wear on their necks and where can I get one?

oddly enough no this subject is very poorly covered on the net, I like free instruction myself but not come across any of this 'yet'. Try rewording your question to get the info that you want

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