Any UFC fans out there?

Who do you think is gonna take the fight tonight? Matt or BJ?


Muhammed Ali vs. Bruce Lee vs. Achilles vs. Miyamoto Musashi in a battle royale?

of course matt

Tournament championship belts?

probably matt i hope it's at least a good fight

Do you think BJ penn would have won the fight with Matt hughes if he did not run out of gas?

Bj of course...

Best damn beatdowns can't remember a certain fight help!!?


Chuck lidell or rampage jackson..who will win and why..?

Definitely Matt Hughes. The guy is at the top of his game right now. Plus, he can avenge the loss to Penn. Penn does not even deserve this title shot. Let's see, Penn leaves UFC for years, comes back and loses to GSP and because GSP is injured, Penn get's a shot? What about the #2 contender? I guess that would probably be Diego Sanchez. But of course there's no way in hell Sanchez is gonna take that fight on short notice. I'm just saying that Penn should have to work his way up and win a few fights before getting a title shot. But of course the match up is a great selling point and Dana White's gotta love that. Look for this fight to end quickly. Penn is taking on the best welterweight in the world on short notice. Hughes will dominate Penn.

How do you improve your set ups for submissions or your trickery with examples?

BJ via rear choke submission in the 2nd round.

Is Aikido a real martial art?

matt in the second round by ref stoppage/tko


Hughes In the 2ND Round.

Last time they fought Hughes was not training too seriously He was a good fighter and he thought that all he needed he would come to Iowa hit it hard for a for a couple weeks and that was it. He is training a lot harder now he starts training for a fight a few months in advance and with Pat Miletich getting back into it for his IFL Super Fight they have been training even harder for that. But the biggest thing In my opinion is Hughes never thought of Penn as a series fight considering that he came up from light weight and had a big loss from Jens Pulver someone that's trains in Iowa with MFS and Hughes knocks him around like a little brother.

Does anybody loves wushu?I love WUSHU.ALL HAIL WUSHU?

I have to say that I think Matt will win
honestly he is stronger than the first fight with BJ
also I dont think BJ could do what he did last time
I think it would be really cool to see GSP beat BJ too

Avoiding sweat in eyes?

If it stays on it's feet I think Hughes holds the big advantage.

But on the ground, Penn definitely has keen submission skills.

Could be a good fight. Hope so anyway.

What do you think?

I would love to see matt finally lose again but I hope he breaks BJ's jaw off because the only reason he got this fight is because he is sueing the UFC over rights to the welterweight belt, GSP was never injured they gave BJ this fight as a settlement so he would drop the lawsuit. GSP deserves this fight so * BJ

and for UFC fans some of the people who answered are retarded, BJ and GSP already fought and GSP kicked his @$$! and BJ has great strikes while Matt Hughes is weak on his feet thats why he ALWAYS takes his opponents down. And matt has the advantage on the ground.

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Matt Hughes all the way. In their first fight Matt Hughes wasn't really prepared to fight. He underestimated BJ and wasn't prepared physically. BJ owned Matt in the first fight but I'm sure Hughes won't make the same mistake again. Matt Hughes is going to win and prove that the first fight can never happen again.
Georges St. Pierre beat BJ and deserved the win, so I think BJ is going to lose even more.

I give credit to BJ for beating Matt and for having pretty good hands when it comes to punching, but you really have to give this one to Hughes. Hughes is going to dominate Penn.

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Huge MMA fan here. Matt will win. BJ's overconfident.

My valentine did somthin kind stupid.?

i love UFC. so much excitement and hot guys.

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