I need help in choosing a type of Martial Arts?

Question:I'm 16, I weigh 61kg(135lbs) and i'm 180cm(5'11"). I have absolutely no fighting experience at all except with a punching bag. So I decided to take up Martial Arts and to learn to defend myself.

I want to learn how to fight extremely well, but with a lot of powerful and non-powerful attacks mixed in. What type of Martial Arts is best to take up?


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i would try either shotokan karate or muay thai, they r both very effective in real situations and more available, i would not try taekwando, the kicks and stuff might look flashy but they r rarely any good in real combat and everything else that is taught in there is found in order martial arts, aikido is also a good martial art but requires a lot practice and understanding, muay thai is less demanding and very effective nevertheless if u r just starting i would advise u to start with shotokan karate and then figure out which one you would like to eventually specialize in.

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For those of us that are older, we appreciate Aikido because it is not hard to do and it can incapcitate anyone at anytime if done properly and it can cause some serious pain as it deals mostly with joint manipulation.

If you are looking for something that required a lot of punching, hitting, and kicking, you might want to try Tae Kwon Do, Karate, or Kung Fu. And if you want to get really good, you have to dedicate yourself to your art and have a lot of heart.

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I would start with Tae Qwan Do and as you progress check them all out.

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no single martial art type is the best so I would say.shop around and get a general feel for how the master instructor and how he/she teaches and run the school. Be open minded because what you thought might not work well might end up being your "weapon of choice."

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I believe the best style of martial arts for you is Southern Shaolin or Hung Gar. Hung Gar uses alot of isometrics in their basic sets of Fu Hok and Tiger Crane. After a few years of training, Hung Gar practitioners' bodies great "ripped" and become very well defined. As you progress into the advanced sets of 5 and 10 animals, you will start learning breathing techniques. .

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Join the U.S.M.C.

Semper Fi

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It is not you that will choose the martial art. It is the martial art that will choose you.
By this I mean that you will know naturally the one that is right for you. It will rely on a trial and error basis.


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judo i dont know what that is but i see it alot on here

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There is no " Best "
There is better teachers and better students
Have Fun Enjoy
It's All Free

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muay thai, go look it up the worlds most deadlist form of martial arts

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Shotokan Karate.

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Check Kenpo demos on youtube.com and or go to your favorite search engine for in depth info.

I have been studying Kenpo for the past 10 years, it's a devastating self defense Art with awesome techniques.

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chinese KENPO is a very fluid art

try it

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I would prefer you take up something like Byakurenkaikan Karate,
Ninpou Bugeitaijutsu or Kenshinkan Karate (an offshoot of Shorinji Kenpo),or Gembukai Karate (not Shito-Ryu) or Kokusai Kenpo.

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A good well rounded style would be freestyle Karate.You will learn stand up,ground,grappling and weapons.What a lot of people don't understand is that freestyle Karate is about practical street defence not who can kick the highest or punch a pad the hardest.It's definitely not a sport martial art like TKD or BJJ.The motto of my style is the best of everything in progression.Basically that means we don't care where the technique comes from we improve it and integrate it into our style while still maintaining tradition as do most freestyle Karate's.
The hardest thing is finding a good experienced instructor.I would recommend Bushi Kai or Zen Do Kai, but if your not in Australia or New Zealand you may have some difficulty finding some one who teaches these styles.These styles also usually have separate classes available to everyone in Muay Thai and BJJ/Submission/Shoot wrestling.If you can't find one of these i would suggest Kempo or Enshin or another freestyle Karate.

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