Ant one no were I can download or watch ufc 68?

it dont need to be the whole thing just the TIm silvia vs randy couture Rich Franklin vs jason MacDonald and matt hughes chris lytle


Does Muay Thai Kickboxing have a ranking system equivalent to belt rankings in Tae Kwon Do?

it's there, and good quality

Follow on to punching training?

UFC is pretty aggressive about keeping those vids not available free on the Internet. They troll and go after those who post them.

Next time, find a local sports bar--many of them will show the PPV.

Sorry :(

I am 40 years old male and i want to learn martial arts for self defense. what martial arts should i enroll?

You don't need to see Hughes vs Lytle. It was very boring.

You could watch the fights at UFC on Demand at It will cost you a little per fight but you won't have to pay $40.

I don't think the fights are up yet but they should be up sometime today.

How much money (approximately) will UFC 67 cost on pay-per-view?

the interweb

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