Any tips for Bo kata at tournaments?

I have the biggest tournament ever held with my association coming up and its sponsored by the ronald mcdonald house and i want to really impress the judges especially because this is my first open tournament where all types of martial arts are welcome. what should i do to make the kata look better?


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Control the Weapon, Balance, Your Presence in the ring (from the time you enter to the time you exit), Focus and Think of the Weapon as an extension of you, don't make the mistake as i've seen so many times that the weapon is a seperate part. Make it part of you.

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Speed always impresses but make sure you look in control. the less effort it looks like you are making the better. Drills where the bo completely leaves you hand is good too!

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Maintaining control of the weapon and balance are probably the two most important factors in a weapons kata. good luck at the tournament, hope you do well.

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Do real techniques. Do not do something because it is flashy and attractive.
Martial arts should be about real world training, not entertaining BS.

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