Any one know martial arts?

Question:Which martial arts have you learned? and how far did you get up to?
I'll go first:
-tae kwon do, yellow belt
-muay thay, just for a few months


What is the most effective form of self defence/martial arts?

I've never seen so mush Bullshido get piled on in one question forum.
I especialy like the guy who has 5-6 different Gung Fu styles as well as Jujitsu and a couple others.
Oh and the green belt in MMA.

I trained in Judo from age 4 until 16 I left with my Brown belt as you can't grade for black until ou are 15 in Judo. I wrestled through Highschool 4-5 years. Left highschool went to college got a job trained on and off from 21 until present in a phisical intervention technique which was a cross between Judo and Aikido for my job no ranks just 2, 8 hour sessions every 3-6 months to recertify.
I got back into Judo back in October and have been training 3 days a week since. I will probably grade for my black belt next year once I get all my techniques back up to 100% and build up enough points. In Judo you have to have 120 points to grade for the black belt. My points are no longer as it's been longer than 7 years since I trained. So 2 points a fight +10 for a win or anything in between if it goes to decision based on points scored throughout the fight.

Who is the best MMA fighter in the light heavyweight division?

Your a dog too,, wow.

Do you want a fight?

bahaha I'm ITF Taekwondo yellow belt. Few seasons of wrestling and lots of fooling around. I do parkour/freerunning.

If you were castaway on a deserted island and all you had was a hand grenade and a stack of Chuck Berry 45s...

well i took tae kwon do when i was smaller and i made it to balck belt then i quit.
i want to try tai chi though

How did Tito Ortiz lose his UFC belt?

Karate-brown belt

How do I overcome my fear while sparring?

i dont take mertial arts but i have a good friend who does
he is a blackbelt in kenpo karate

What is a good standing grappling martal arts?

Tae myself. Green with blue stripe

Should Chuck Lidell accept Gary Cogill's invitation for round two on GMT?

TAE KWON DO 2nd degree black - more of a sport
KUNG FU "ART OF WAR" or "Art of falling leaves" - 6 months - this one I am afraid of myself. It's outlawed in many countries for being so deadly

and BALLET .. just kidding

seriously . if you stick to it ,you will succeed if you apply 100% to any martial art you will be GREAT

What do you think of Ultimate Fighting Championship? Barbaric?

My son is an orange belt in TuKong Moosul

Elvis or Bruce who's got it in your book?

Hi there

My Apologies but you did ask and i am doing the nightshift at work so here goes!

Wado Ryu Shodan (10 years)
Bujinkan Nidan (7 years )
Jujutsu 5th Kyu
Okinawan Kobudo 5th Kyu
Tomiki Akido 6th Kyu
Wing Chung Red sash.
Judo (two weeks) lol

Thats my two cents! lol

What is the best way to gain power for kicking?

tae kwan do-red belt and currently learning ninjutsu..
good luck!

I would like to know how to teach myself to play the electric gutair, any suggestions?

MMA - Green Belt. (5th belt in out of 9)
Muay Thai - Orange Level. (3rd level out of 7)

What shall i do.?

I study Wing Chun and have for 10 years. However, in my class we don't use belts, so I don't know what I would be if we did. But I've never cared. As my teacher says " belts are for egos and holding up your pants"

How do you avoid a martial arts belt mill?

no.never heard of him.

Who know some information about " FALON GONG " ?

I saved myself a lot of time and energy and bought a .44 auto-mag.

Who is the highest level instructor in a martial art system that you have actually met and or trained with?

I know Shaolin eagle claw kung fu, monkey kung fu, drunken kung fu, tiger claw kung fu, tai chi, muy thai, jujitsu. Also I know some samurai sword fighting concepts and capoeira concepts. I've been studying for about a total of 5 years. Also no that doesnt mean I switch classes my whole life my sifu is just very well versed

Where can I learn Xtreme Martial Arts in Bloomington Illinois?

Tae Kwon Do. 3rd degree black belt.

Who will win the UFC Welterweight Title fight tomorrow night?

Hi there! I am 4th kyu Wado-ryu karate and also practising Iaido, Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu. Currently, I am 'un-graded', as this club is not heavily 'into' gradings.

UFC Welterweight Division?

Tae-kwon-do GREEN BELT
Judo Brown
Karate Blue

I am 13.

About how long does it take someone with moderate flexibility to be able to do the splits?

freestyle karate - bluebelt (2 more til black ^^) - 3.5 years

Who is Bruce Lee?

boxing, wrestling (folkstyle, freestyle and some greco) 6yrs.
xingyi with some other stuff thrown in where applicable appx 2 years. we don't have "ranks" except teacher, student and the unofficial rank of "senior student" which is just generally those that seem to have been around so long that they are a fixture and are very experienced. A very short flirtation with san shou.

sword training in various arts iai and kendo went up to green the 3rd of 6 ranks before I realized I was wasting my time- you can see why I'm harsh on these arts and sport-fencing in general.
ARMA free sparring.
Total time about 8 years.

I don't count anything now as I don't actively train in sword training anymore but still spar sporadically or learn things here and there from my xingyi teacher. I have a bit of a background in knife and have picked up some jutte but never did any sparring with it (with a non-metal replica of course), but haven't pursued it like I should.

Fedor vs matt?

Muay thai, 10 years.
BJJ, brown belt.
Crane style kung fu, 2 years or so

?figure 4 armbar?

shotokan.2nd black
jujitsu...10th level (brown belt)
matsumora shorin-ryu..2nd black
matsubashi shorin-ryu..4th black
goju-ryu....2nd black
tang so do...2nd black
american kenpo.1st black
iaido....5th kyu
american tae kwon do system..3rd black for 10 years (there's no rank in this)

How do i sharpen those fake blunt katanas?

i have black belt in tae kwan do and cetrifed in ninjitsu and i compete i mixed martial arts but no onw "knows" martial arts you study ther eis always someoen somewhere you knows more then you do

Is jiu jitsu good? can u tak on kung fu people if u are good at it?

Kajukenbo - 2nd dan blackbelt
Shotokan - 1st dan blackbelt
Kenpo - 1st dan blackbelt
White dragon black tiger chuan fa - red sash / master
Tae kwon do - green belt
Tang soo do - purple belt
Wado ryu - purple belt

other styles I've studied but not for rank :

Ju jitsu
Choy li fut

How do you knock someone out?

Taekwondo- Brown belt. Yeah, it's been four years and that's all the farther I've gotten. This one girl came in when i was a blue belt, and made it to black belt in like a year. She skipped a bunch of ranks..But i rant. Sorry.

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