3 Strikes Your Out?

Ever heard Of It


Using my guard in highschool wrestling?

So, have you figured it out yet?
Don't go thinking you are going to get away with ANYTHING!
You won't. Not only are they smarter than you, but you are on their radar. They are watching you. You can either make a radical change in your life now, or you can get your affairs in order before you get the third strike that puts you away for life.
Sorry, those are your choices.
The best course of action would have been to never get the first two strikes, but here we are and we have deal with the reality of it all, which is, you can't even afford to get caught spitting on the sidewalk.

Whats with these people?

baseball? u know 3 strikes and the batters out?...

Samurai sword shapening.?

Thats easy, in baseball a player gets 3 strikes and then they are out.

How,or where can I buy a sewing pattern for making a karate GI?

It's a very common expression derived from baseball terminology. It means that if you make the same mistake 3 times - you are out of chances. It is over for you.

In my class there are alot of children (as i am a begginer) but they are getting on my nevers?

or 3rd offense and you are jailed for life. it is used as a deterrent so people wont commit crimes, but it is flawed because it assumes people understand logic and the high rate of capture before committing a crime, when in fact, the reason crime is committed is because they fully believe they wont get caught.

the 3 strikes just ensures they dont commit the 4th. it doesnt deter the first 3.

Are marrtial arts effective on the street?

I like it. Let me ask you this. If a person gets convicted two previous times for the same type of crime, when do we say "Hey, I think I see a pattern"? At what point do we say enough is enough? At what point do we say "Society has had enough of this BS"?

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