When you hit some one?

why does your knuckles feel so good?


How do you become a martial arts teacher?

because it gets you pumped up. no real answer it just does. But ya it is phycological

hey I train bare knuckle only I NEVER wair gloves I love it cuz im intense and I get pumped up with the pain. I love when i punch a persons elbow because usualy it hurts them more than me

What type of sword was used in the Kill Bill movies by Uma?

most likely psychological. The feeling of succes. Either that, or ur a sociopathic freak who like beating people. I hope its number one.

My 7 Year Old Wants to be in Karate or Tae Kwon Do.. What is the Difference?

Probably because you still got your gloves on.

Try it with out and see the difference. There's nothing like that ego crunching experience of hitting someones elbows with your bare hands.




What's with all the tough guys?...?

I'm with idai - I don't use gloves and it doesn't feel good, thats just weird.

I just fought in cage combat MMA in Detroit?

because you don't know how to throw proper punches. If you do, your knuckles will HURT!!

I'm Muay Thai fighter and even with huge gloves on, sometime my knuckles hurt if I hit someone really hard.

What style of karate is fighting with a bo staff im trying to learn?

dont know.i do know the pain comes later.i avoid punching if i can.why hurt my hand when theres much better ways of really hurting someone?

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