Anyone else enjoy watching UFC? (Ultimate fighting championship)?

Don't know about you but makes me not want to go and beat someone to the ground if i watch this instead. Top notch.


Is the UFC underpaying the typical fighter?

I always love watching the fights, myself and several of the guys from our Martial Arts class get together whenever a PPV comes up to watch. and it gives us good strategies for our own class to work from.

So yeah it's great to watch our favorite fighters go at it.

Where can you buy ufc type gloves or the undertakers figthing gloves?

Yes, I injoy it because it is real people fighting to see who the best fighter is from all kinds of styles.

Currently, who is the best pound for pound fighter in Mixed Martial Arts?

always good for some tv violence.

Which form of the martial arts is best for weapons training?

Yea its fab man.... bring it on

UFC 68 - Where in Atlanta?

My late boyfriend used to do UFC training and watch it on the box, he loved it but i find it a bit too violent myself, not really a fan!

Can you explain this to me?

NO,I never watch UFC.

Tired of being P.C. about my views. You'll either agree or think me an A**?

the UFC is the schiznit

If your like to read a good story in the martial arts, visit angel blancia in yahoo seach?

I love the UFC...but Pride FC is better.better fighters, more moves allowed like face stomps and knees to the head on the ground!

UFC is pretty much american fighters that arent that skilled...pride has the crazy hard hittin brazilians! that do all sorts of knees to the face, and face stomps!

Matt Serra beat GSP?! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!!?!?!?!?

I love watching UFC
I also like the TUF show too
I really like watching the ulitmate knockouts
I cant wait to see Chuck and Tito II
Chuck is gonna knock Tito out again

Any opinions on US Karate Academy in Island Park, NY?

I think the UFC is not a very good institution to house for martial artists. They are all street thugs and nothing more than that!

Lidell vs Silva?

Its ok. Its a good sporting event to watch. Its kinda like boxing and wrestling combined. I get a little annoyed when people say this is real fighting... but other than that its cool.

EDIT: To the guy below me... of course you think its real fighting. because you train BJJ... It is NOT real fighting... but its close. I suppose you think that Boxing is real fighting then too?

What is the fundamental of martial ways in japan?

To the guy above me.of course it's real fighting.

Or do you prefer those backyard brawling type dvds? :-\

I fully agree with the person that said PRIDE is a much higher level of competition than UFC. The last PRIDE show (last weekend) was amazing.

How long to achieve a black belt in teakwondo. 45 mins a week. very structured lessons?

very fun to watch

Dennis Kang vs GSP/ Evan Tanner/ Phil Baroni/ Rich Franklin/ Matt Hughes?

Yes sir, UFC is great. I've been watching religiously for around 3 years now!
but: I disagree with the people who said that pride is much better than UFC. Granted, ex-PFC Anderson S. just put down Franklin for the middle-weight title, essentially "proving" that Pride has better fighters. But when you look at world MMA rankings, different weight classes have the best fighters from each league (170lbs dominated by UFC). I like Pride, I like UFC, I know the rules are a little looser for Pride, (head kicks on a downed opp. etc) BUT! UFC is in "the octagon" which prevents fighters from using as many stalling techniques; like getting against and/or into "the ropes". I hate that about Boxing, this reminds me of it: in pride, one of the fights someone is always getting against the ropes and they are constantly restarting the fight.
Truth be told, theres no best way to organize fighting leagues, cause it really would be nice if they could have fighters from each competing for TRUE Wolrd Titles.
But one of the negatives of the UFC has, is the fact that when i wanna watch UFC, i have to wait a month(and it used to be 2 or 3 months) for the next PPV event. But im sure anyone who follows Mixed Martial Arts is as excited as i am to see how incredibly good the competition has been getting in any and all weight classes. (155 is so great, im glad UFC brought it back) I do remember the days of Royce Gracie elbowing people in the spine, and the days of Tank Abbot lookin like he just stepped off his harley and walked into the ring. Im glad that the fights have evolved into the organized sport that they are today, and im sure in 10 more years, that the competition will be even closer. So far about everyone I've seen that took the time to watch the UFC has thought it's awesome, and its too bad it isn't a publicly traded company, cause i would definitely buy some stocks!

Liddel vs Ortiz? Who wins? Why?

Yes its awsome.

Does Couture stand a chance against Sylvia?

I still like the UFC and of course Pride and other organizations. There are good fighters everywhere

Will there be midgets/dwarfs in the UFC or other MMA competitions?


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