*Beginner* Flexibility, Stretching and Kicking!?

Question:Ive been into martial arts for so long now but ive only recently started to stretch so i can kick higher. i wanna start a martial arts of some sort eventually!

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good books (preferably) or dvd's i can watch which will give me a better perception of different stretches and kicking techniqes!

Thanks! :)


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Here is a previous post i made on how to not only increase your kick height but your angle as well. However is only works for horizontal kicks. To get your vertical kicks up there you can do splits and the hamstring stretch where you put one foot forward and hunch over to it

There is a stretch i like to use called the frog stretch that as increased my flexibility dramaticly. Here is how you do it.

1. Go down on the ground on both knees

2. lean forward so you are on your knees and your elbows

3. Start by spreading your legs out a little bit and then moving your body back.

4. make sure you keep your shins pointed outward while doing this.

5. spread your knees out as far as you can

6. after a little while move forward so you legs are facing straight out from your hips. Then continue to stretch out your legs a little more

7. after that move forward so your knees are now behind your theighs and continue to spread your legs out.

8.Then finish

This is a VERY painful stretch but by far is the most effective. If you need any help with the explaining email me and ill be happy to help you out

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The best and oldest way to improve your kicking height (besides lots of practice) would be the straddle leg stance standing in it as long as possible going down as far as possible.

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Doc-Fai Wong's Choy Li Fut book

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ANYTHING by a guy named Jean Frenette. This guy is FREAKY in his flexibility. There are a bunch of different books on stretching...look around a bit and find one you like.

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