After beating gomi in an exciting fight, nick diaz fails a drug test...for marijuana?

Question:i know its an illegal drug and it was a bonehead move but at least it wasnt a steriod. should he be suspended?

wow...gomi gets beat by a pothead who could have possibly been semi high during the fight lol


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Its a controlled substance. He knew it... everyone knows it. Thats the rules plain and simple.
I really doubt he was anywhere near high during the fight, he was really calm and controlled he knew what he wanted to do and executed.
Gomi obviously didnt train that hard for Diaz, getting winded after 3 mins of fighting. Well he still f'ed up Diaz pretty good, i'd rather lose the fight then look like this check out this pic:
and check out this interview... Diaz is like.. "he f'kin hit me or some sht with a Haduken punch or something" LMAO hilarious interview:

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Given that cannabis is an appetite stimulant, it can be a performance enhancing drug for someone who is bulking up.

Tai Chi and faster music?

Gomi got submitted, but did you see Diaz's face? Talk about a train wreck. Leagalize it. period.

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the point is he knew the rules and broke them and should pay the penalty.and it should be after his medical suspension finishes.

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I think its dumb, and should be legalized..
but its like any other job...usually get drug tested before.
Unless he was purposely trying to make a point, he should've not done it.

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