Any Advice on performing a Helicopter?


Why are ufc fighters ears puffy?

go to the top of the tallest building you can find hold your arms out at shoulder height and jump and spin.

I want to know a good workout for Tae Kwon Do, can any of those blackbelts out there help me?

Make sure to do the sound not just the move, bbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... ...
It ain't easy but its unique.

My gf takes taekwondo and i am jealous of her instructor.?

It helps if you are a pilot.

How did Eddie Bravo beat Royler Gracie? What kind of guard does he use?

idiots: you are referring to the helicopter kick? stretch, you msut be flexible. when i did them i was first profecient with teh crescent kick ,the jumping crescent, jumping round house and the like. i could only ever do it from one side though, left foot forward and start the move with the right foot sweeping forward and tehn coming around with the left as the kick. i figgered it out myself i was never taught the kick. practice, you knwo how it looks, keep at it

When, or if you caught up in a fight?

Hands out to the side, up on your toes, spin furiously and make a wuwupwup sound throughout.

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