An old school challenge !?

Question:I'd like to take Yupchage 3rd degree black belt and put that skill against mine in an old school challenge.
first off I know it's childish and wrong to do, but what the heck.
second I know that Yupchage will not accept, being that Yup. knows I'd win.
third --- can't think of a third so I refer back to first off I know it's childish and wrong.

Just sounded fun at the time.
You could kata me to death, that would be fun.
Or you could stand there and say, Martial arts isn't for fighting.
That could work.

Really, I'm sure if we hung out or knew each other, we wouldn't like each other much.

anyway this gives you the "being picked on" card. Use it at your leisure. People will feel bad for you and hate me for being a meanie.

all in fun, I'm bored and your the one that seems to really have a stick up the rear.

I know maybe you could teach me a lesson and show me the errors of my ways.


Tell me what you think of this Martial Arts Messageboard!!?

Ravenhaw, who ever you are you sound like you don't know much of the arts. As you said Martial arts isn't for fighting. Furthermore, it is not for people who are bored too, it is a serious path to follow.
You are disgracing your sensei's name and the Martial art you have been taught. You sound like an adolescent in the arts.
What you should do as a suggestion, start over with the white belt and work up again, pay attention to your sensei's words of education in that art if you are serious, if not There's proverb, "In martial arts, as in life, there are people who know a lot of recipes and there are people who know how to cook." study hard okay?
Also, what's in you, mind and heart, that's what counts.

What wepons do u use in tae kwon do?

Honestly I could never do specific martial arts because I would be studying them to fight, not start fights, but I have never walked away from one either. Honestly I think you should stop studying whatever it is you are studying and go to an MMA school. This way you get to fight, and dont have to put up with the tradition and disciplines that go with all martial arts. Not dissing martial arts, I dont do them because I know I wouldnt have the discipline to fully study them, and I wouldnt want to disgrace them in any way.

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