Am I the only one?

Who is so motherfriggin' tired of hearing how Bruce Lee could beat up more or less everyone in the history of the world? Who thinks people are creating this enormously inflated myth in their minds? Who knows for a fact that Cro Cop or Fedor would take Lee down and smash him before you could adjust your balls to sit down and watch?


Where can I find a place in the Indianapolis area to watch a UFC pay per view. Any places anyone knows??

Bruce Lee was so fast, man, he was like so fast. You aren't that fast, he was fast. He could do one finger push ups. He could probably lift a car, and throw it too. He was so fast. He'd hit you a dozen times before you said hello. Man and my dad couldn't even beat him up. I never saw him fight but he was so good at fighting. He killed 100 men at once. He was really really fast. He was amazing...


I hear you man... It's like no matter what happens or who comes along, like, EVER he will always be the toughest, fastest, strongest, person in the world to these people... He was deified.

Is there any martial art guy that can break a bowling ball using only their bare hands?

he wood detroy every fighter out ther even cro cop and fedor,.read man read!!!!!

A question of styles...Please do not answer if you do not really know what you are talking about.?

I don't know a thing about Cro Cop or Fedor, but as a young girl, when I couldn't sleep, I'd watch the kung fu movies. Holy shite, Bruce Lee rocked! And critique as you may, I loved Jason Scott Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story... and Brandon Lee was lovely, too. Such tragedy...

Is it really so important who could "smash" whom harder? I thought martial arts were less about kicking *** and more about discipline and development of self. Guess I've got a lot to learn.

Is it, The Natural Randy Couture or Randy The Natural Couture?

im sick of hearing all these dead versus make believe versus comic book character versus this style versus that style versus this fighter versus that fighter.but i will say you obviously know nothing about bruce lee and not much about martial arts.

What values will you learn in playing and studying arnis? why?

Maybe he was not the toughest guy to ever walk the planet, but he was surely a lot more interesting than these meat heads that just bash each others skulls in, but can't form a proper sentence.

Prime Sakuraba vs. the top guys today how does he do?

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Whats a good website to purchase butterfly knives?

nope i am not sick of it .. and i like bruce lee so their

How can i spread my legs full like martial arts?

If Bruce Lee is dead and these others fighters are alive how can You know that they'd smash him? Where are you getting your evidence to support this outburst? And what does it matter what other people are saying? In the end it's just words and hot steam.

How did everyones Halloween go? Show pics!?

I would have agree with you, dead men don't make good fighters. Sure, Bruce Lee was kickass when he was alive, but he's dead now. More so, if Bruce Lee was alive he wouldn't fight somebody unless he was forced to. He would rather resolve a conflict without violence than with. Or call the cops.

What is the best time to do Tai Chi?

Bruce Lee would win any fight with one kick! OOOWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

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