Any martial arts buffs?

Question:Alright well I'm a novice at these things. I'm looking for a martial arts dojo, I don't particularly mind what art it is, all I ask for it to be is legit.

Now I'm not asking if anyone knows any good dojos since I'm not counting on anyone who will answer me lives in AZ and in my city (Not going to tell that much). Rather, if there are any tips to how to look for dojos. Are there any reliable locater-type sites for martial arts dojos?

Also, feel free to give me some opinions on what art I should start with. I'm interested in Capoeira, Judo and muay thai..


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Find a good school, not a good style. get out there and visit the schools.
Look for clean schools with friendly people.
the students should be well behaved. the lineage should be traceable.
Never attend a school that makes you pay for rank testing and never sign a contract.

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As for finding a dojo i always check out the instructors, it doesnt really matter where you practise as long as there is enough space the important thing is that the instructors are qualified and have a decent ammount of experience. As for which fighting style to choose i tend to look at it from a fitness point of view. Ie if you are very unfit and want to get fit then Muay Thai is a good allround exercise where as if you are getting on a bit and need relaxing exercise go for a form of tai chi. It all depends on what you are looking to get out of it.

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Hei there. its cool you wana start on martial arts... props to you on that...
Anyway im a Taekwondo instructor. have been in it 4 more than half of my life.
Though tkd has no throws and grappling, there is the ever apparent fear of getting knock out by a heavy kick to the face! Now thats tkd, the art of hands and legs. If you are looking out for an art that will develope your mental skills then tkd is it. It has been scientifically proven that the art of tkd is based on nerve wire reactions; meaning that an average person takes about 1/2 a second to react to something while a tkd student(a good one ofcoz lol) can react up to 3 times faster. The world moves in slow motion 4 a tkd
Lastly, a kick by a tkd expert can inflict as much as above thousand pounds of velocity-damage. we're taking about car crash velocity here.

Anyway hope you chose whats best 4 u. good luck.

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I reccomend a traditional style. the name should end in "do".
Talk to the instructors & watch or better yet try a class. If the instructor won't let you watch a class, leave. As about the instructore credentials- what rank? Who awarded the rank? What are the credentials of that person?
If you don't get back to the country of orgin quickly, leave.

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I suggest Muay Thai, as it is something you have an interest in.
dont think that a martial art with a 'do' after it is any good, thats just assumption.
dumb assumption.
TKD, shhhesh, only an instructor would try to BS people with that 3 times faster crap.1/6 of a second, what a TKD scammer, trying to promote an art through 'jedi force' mentality.

dont listen to us, go searching, and try them all till you find one that suits your mind and body.

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Talk to people who do Martial Arts in your area. Tell them what you're looking for.

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I have been a martial arts instructor for about 13 years now. I find all arts have their merit and it really depends on the individual when choosing. Capoeira is a beautiful art but requires years of mastery to be street effective. It's a great cardio workout and if you commit to it for years, it would be a great choice. Judo is a time honored art/sport in Japan. It also helps you understand balance and learn how to manipulate your body type in relation to your opponents. However, you will need to modify what you learn to make it more street effective as it's primary goal is to gain points. My favorite choice of your three would be Muay Thai which can be very street effective. In Muay Thai size does not matter as much as the other two arts because contact with your big or large elbow or knee bone will be just as effective. You learn a great deal of coordination and balance while achieving a wonderful cardio workout.

Although I love Arizona and have been there several times, I cannot offer any personal recommendations for schools. I'm sorry

Good luck

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I am a little bias. I would say go for Muay Thai hands down. I have done ju jitsu, karate, TKD. I have to say MT is one of the most complete martial art form. Especially if your Master or Instructor has a knowledge of Muay Boran as well.

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