300 spartans vs 300 samurais, who would win?

Remember the spartans defeated most of the Persians only because of their well placed position in the battle field. lets say this one was in an open field with no horses or any type of calvary, just weapon to weapon combat.


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One answer...Chuck Norris !!

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Spartans would kick samurai ***... Sparta was a war based community all men were warriors, and women owned the businesses.

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samauris, definately

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With the Phalanx I would say the Spartans would win. Spartans had superior tactics compared to the ones the samurais used. That alone would guarantee a victory for sparta.

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Well the Spartans should win because of their over-powering tactics. The Samurai would have to get awfully close to be able to kill a Spartan but the Spartans have their 10 foot long? spears and not to mention their shields which can protect them from any arrows the Samurai try to fire off.

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300 spartans 4 shure they were rased there whole life 4 nothing but war and worked as a team

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The samurai had better weapons and tactics than the Spartans. I also believe that their training was much better.

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the Spartans can work as a single unit, and fight independent. the Samurai fight as individuals, even if in a group.

without putting them together we will never know the outcome.

the Spartans would also be bigger and stronger. they held off the Persians because most of them were conscripts or captured and forced to fight. the Spartans grew up with war games and daily training. they did have the advantage of ground also, but a traitor gave the flank path to the Persians. It wasnt only the Spartans there that day. because they had also conquered a lot of Greece, all those villages had to give men in times of need, so the army of the Spartans was a few thousand. but only a few hundred were true Spartans and only those who had male children were allowed to go. and they knew they would die, but if it wasnt for them holding off the pass for those 3 days, Greece wouldnt have had the time to join all its armies, and Greece would be a nation of Iran today (perhaps). I knoe that other factors were present in Persias defeat, but the Spartans at Thermopylae were attributed with severely crippling the Persian land attack.

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spartans were supposed to be great warriors because that's all they knew how to do, and samurai were warriors with great skill and honor so since neither of them would likely surrender i'm gonna call it a draw.

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Samurais would smash the spartans. Spartans used technique in battle, Like calvary, field position. Face to face samurais have much better defense training. Especially with swords.

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Who ever had the better weapons and the stronger steel. The roman armies were never a match against the mongols, so I don't know how this would be any different.

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Spartan would NEVER leave themselve in open for a fair battle. They will always try to find the best advantage and a way to "cheat" and doesn't give a fvck about honor. Even a lowly foot soldiers wouldn't mind chopping the Samurai general's head off while lowest samurai would probably not even dare to touch the Spartan general.

Well... since this question is so interesting with so much different things to thinks about. Not about who win, but how badly spartan would outmatch samurai and how they would beat samurai. I can write books on this so I guess I'll do some research and write a review for my 360 on this. Thanks for the idea.

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The reality is it would all come down to tactics and strategy employed... The Spartans fought in one way and one way only, the phalanx. It was the core of their type of warfare (and the rest of Greece as well). The only time the Spartans fought with anything other than the phalanx, was when it broke. And then it was individual warfare.

The samurai would never have broken the phalanx of the Spartans with only foot soldiers. With calvary it is a possibility, especially if they flanked the Spartans and forced them to fight from 2 different angles. However since you negated the possibility of samurai calvary in this situation the only other possibility is for the samurai to employ their archers effectively. (It helps that the Spartans did not employ archers as they thought the concept cowardly)

And for the record... Samurai honor is very much overblown. The romantic ideal of the samurai like that of the European knight is a very far cry from what they actually were.

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the greeks fought in the nude while samurais fought fully armored...damn spartans were way tougher to fight like that...all they did was fight wars! complete ownage by the great spartans! not that i'm putting down a samurai...they are warriors indeed!

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300 Spartans would win because their tactics were better then the samurais. the samurais would just run in to battle but Spartans would just push them with their shield then cut their heads clear off. But the Spartans did not use the phalanxes the Macedonians used the phalanxes with their shield covering them and 18 foot long spears. Another reason why becuase in the movie there was samurais and the Spartans just ripped them open.

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are we talking samurai's from thier final days in japan AFTER the invention of the gun?

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Thats a good one!! I would say the Samurai.

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