300 spartans vs 300 sondalos?

Oh yeah. Just to let you guys know, Sondalos were the Filipino warriors who were basically raised the same way as spartans except all of them lived in the jungle. They also defeated many spanish soldiers ( who had guns). There tactics were about the same but the spears were much longer. Still, the spartans had iron shields.So i think that would make a big difference in battle. Just to let you guys know, they used filipino martial arts in the movie 300. And another thing, the sword they used in 300 greatly resembled Bolos ( Filipino Machetes)



I could see Spartan set fire to the jungle which would probably ruin the "sondalos" game plan and wait for them to flee then slaughter them.

On a open field, I could imagine Sondalos would have incredible difficult time fighting Spartan because they would feel "naked" and so exposed without jungles surrounding them while Spartan would be used to it.

But you must have spell something wrong. I keep tried to look up Sondalos/sodalos and spell them differently without finding any informations on them. So if there's something overlooked, give me a link to the info on those warriors please.

If you got in a fight with a big guy who didn't have any martial arts training, would you win and why?

Defeated many Spanish soldiers? Didn't the Spanish conquer the Philippines? I'm sure many Spanish were slain seeing as how the Filipinos had the Home advantage but in the end... Not saying the Sondolos weren't great warriors but your facts needed some fixin.

Does anyone know any colleges that focus on martial arts?

Are you sure their tactics were the same? If you're going by the recent movie "300" for Spartan tactics you're intentionally misleading yourself. However for arguments sake I'll assume you're aware of historical military fact...

As was already pointed out the Spartans most likely would have set fire to the jungle to clear a plain where their phalanx formation could actually be used. At this point it is all but over for the filipino warriors. The length of their spears won't matter if they can't penetrate the Spartan defense (and many of their spears would have been shattered upon hitting the wall of shields). And lacking shields of their own would literally leave them naked against Spartan weapons. Also consider that the Spartans were one of the most disciplined military forces in history while the filipino warriors lacked any real military disciple at all.

The question isn't who would win, but how long it would take the Spartans to do so...

Anyone heard anything good about this site?

i think the 300 spartans would win becuase when i watched the movie the spartans killed like thousands of men. and the persian king/god also known as a tyrant is tall. also if the sondols had armour the spartans would still win. spartan dont use armour i dont know why if they did they would kick @$$

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