4-step and 3-step sparring?


I have a tae kwon do test on Monday, and I have been trying to practice my step sparring, but I think that I have mixed up the two forms.

I can't find any guides online, can anyone outline 3-4 step sparring so I don't screw up tommorrow.



I really like the forms and movements in shaolin,i think they look class!! but how true is it when people say?

sorry i dont do dancing.if your not sure,your not ready to grade.

Has any body trained at tiger mauy thai in phuket? If so what was your experience like?

There is nothing more frustrating than hearing takeyourdough students doing one step dancing. How the heck is that supposed to work EVER in a real confrontation. Fully compliant partners are a joke. If its for flash then thats fine, but don't mistake it for self defense. Try the web to find your little dance moves.

The guy below me makes me laugh, and makes me think he has been a part of every other McDojo out there :) CONGRATS!

Sparring Gear?

Just focus on your techniques.

Some people think they have all the answers and three step sparring doesn't work I' like to see them defend against several techniques thrown at several different points and all landing with power. You can pick them up off the floor when your done. Also three step sparing is just a training tool. If you screw up and do a different technique and it worked was it ultimately wrong. You sucessfully defended yourself, right?

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