12 Miles Too Far?

Question:1. Is 12 miles too far for a dojo?

2. How far is your dojo?


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1)if you are really into it its not that far, but if not ur might stop wanting to go

2)when i took capoeira the nearest teacher that taught it was 45miles away and i went 3days a week, then my job got in the way.

now i take thai boxing and that gym is about 30miles away.and i go to that 3 times a week.

so in otherwords i enjoy it so i go, but im sure im killin my car

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If it's a good dojo, it's worth a little travel. I don't practice martial arts, but if something is good, it's worth a little extra effort, in my experience.

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If your jogging to get there 12 miles is a bit much I live in the city and I only travel about 4 city block (maybe a mile) on foot but the walk back always feels about 10 times longer. So 12 by car thats not far , if you walk it I say chalk it...ok I couldn't think of a rhyme for walk it...

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if you think its worth the travel than go for it... have fun

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If you're driving, then no, it's not too far at all. Mine's about...3 miles or so.

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no.only you can answer that though really if its a good dojo with a good sensei no doubt 12 miles isnt to far.id travel a lot further than that if i thought it was worth it.

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Depends upon 3 factors:
1) how interested you are in learning that particular martial art
2) the availability of other dojo closer that teach the same (or similar) martial art
3) how good the teacher is there

I know people who drive 50 miles one way to attend a dojo because of the 3 factors noted above...but mainly for reason #3. I'm lucky, I found an excellent teacher with 30 years experience who's only 5 miles away!

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Not for me. My iaido dojo is 12 miles away and I go because it is the closest iaido club to me (in Cumbria, U.K.)
Luckily, my sensei is a good one and there are only 4 of us so we get a lot of individual attention.
Yes, it is worth it.

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Well thats not to bad. My dojo is right down the steet. I just walk.

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well i don't do MA but i think if you love something so much you would travel any distance .. i traveled 80 ks every Tuesday night for netball training and that was only training then we had to travel Saturdays to play.. so in my opinion if you love it you will travel

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Your answer lies in answering me these questions three:

1- Is 12 miles too far to travel for a DD bi-sexual blonde nymphomaniac girlfriend with her DD bi-sexual brunette roomate who like to party?

2- Is 12 miles too far to travel for her if she isn't bi and lives alone?

3- Is 12 miles too far to travel for her if she has a hairlip, is mentally challenged, fat, an A cup and prude?

You have learned that which the holy grail has to offer.

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No, 12 miles isn't too far. The dojo where I train is about the same distance. I guess it depends on how much traffic there is and how long it takes you to get there.

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If you are walking yes , if you are driving no.
My dojo is 2 miles from my house.

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