UFC Cage Fight?

Who would be the last man standing?...The contestents will be...Chuck Liddell....Rampage Jackson..Dan Henderson......and Randy Couture. In a free for all I would go with Liddell..w/ Henderson right behind him. Please don't SPAZZ out .I know it will never happen..I'm just bored. so play along or leave...Peace


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will the person above me must be an idiot because since than liddell has knocked out each and every fighter and i believe in the rematch liddell will do what he does best.as far as last man standing i go with chuck liddell and first one to fall i believe would be Jackson honestly i have nothing against him but i don't think he can beat anyone u named.

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Rampage would win. He is better than Henderson and Couture. And plus, he has already beat Liddell.

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I say Quinten Rampage Jackson. He is a beast.

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I think they would all team up on chuck then on randy, by then dan will be gassed more then quinton soooo Rampage by slam ko.

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I would have to go with Jackson.

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Rampage no doubt, he is a monster, he has already beat lidell who has already beat couture. lidell may have beat everybody in a rematch but that streak will end, lidell will not be able to hang with Rampage. As much as i like couture and lidell, rampage is just an extremely impressive fighter., not takin anything away from the other 3.

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Do you mean like all four guys in the cage last man standing wins, no ref? I think liddell would be at a disadvantage being in there with 3 wrestlers as his takedown defense isn't gonna cut it, I think Team Quest would take Liddell and Jackson out then put on a competive fight where Henderson would probably wear out Couture ending it in a KO.

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