Are you a Ninja – are those pyjamas comfortable?


Should I lock my elbows when finishing a sword strike?

No one in Martial Arts wears pajamas, not even "Ninjas"

you still wer your cookie monster jammies to beddie bye?

I'm more of a boxers or commando type when it comes to bedtime

Anyone know where I can learn anyform of Ba gua zhang?

i don't wear jammmy's

When you are doing martial arts...?

i am but i don't wear my suit to bed i go commando

Ultimate match ups in MMA?

dude I'm a nudist j/k but yes pajamas are comfortable and i don't wear em.

Recommend a martial arts?

I was a ninja, me and my bros would attack each other with plastic swords, then we got for real and stopped playing.

What weight could I get down to for fighting in MMA competitions?

I am a Ninja without any pyjamas <:)

Are the deadly skills of Krav Maga not taught to civilians in the US?

I like swets more. It's more comfortable and warmer than wearing pyjamas.

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