A question specifically for yupchagee and quiksilver8676...?

Question:What, for you, does an average workout consist of? In other words, what makes up your workout? What percentage of basics do you do each workout as opposed to say, kata or working with weapons, makiwari, bagwork, shadowboxing or whatever makes up your workout?

Also, while I am mostly interested in the martial arts aspect of the workout, do you run, lift weights or do any other cross-training during the week?

Anyone else like to share what their average daily martial arts workouts consist of when they are alone?

Thank you in advance. Serious answers only, please.


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A typical workout starts with warm ups & basic movements for 15-20 min, then forms for about 30 min. Breaking & sparring fill the rest. The only weapon work we do is 1 black belt form. When I get a chance I use a stationary bike for aerobics. I used to run but my ankles, knees & orthopedist convinced me to stop that.

I don't know if you consider this part of a workout, but I also do controlled breathing & meditation during the week.

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Stretching is the first and for most. 2ND I'll work some combinations with kicks and punches. 3rd either run or weight train. 4Th resistance train. I think one should be equal in full body workout.

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you would do better to email them. what has happened is that turds float to the top in this place as soon as you name people they dont like. its like you have flushed a blocked toilet and the sh!t has come back up to respond. and it is never pleasant.

perhaps asking this again without names would get some serious and less personal responses, and would reduce the attacks on members unloved by others.

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