Aikido or Judo?

Question:I'm a Taekwondo 1st dan who is looking for another martial art to make myself a more well rounded fighter. My choices are Aikido or Judo. Which would you recommend and why?

I'm a small guy, 1.70m tall, 63kgs.


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I personally like judo more because the school tend to be more practical. Just the same, it is the school in your area that will make the difference. They can be taught radically different with Aikido tending towards philosophy and helpful opponents to similar with a lot of sparring. Go to the schools in your area, see if they teach what you are looking for.

I do agree that Aikido's circular soft movements would and should be completely different than your TDK which may help you out a bit. Judo is also a soft art too, so keep that in mind. Either way, you will be learning ranges not typically handled in TDK.
Best of look to you in your search.

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Take anything and everything you can depending on your situation and needs.

It's all good for the knowledge.

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Definitely go judo, if those are your only considerations. Personally, I love ju jitsu.

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Aikido, if you want to learn an entirely different concept of motion, and interception or redirection of force.

Judo, if you like doing strong things, and grappling.

Understand that either discipline will force you to learn how to fall (or more correctly, how to land on the ground). You will fall harder with judo, and more gracefully with aikido.

Your choice.

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I'm partial to Judo, but Aikido is good too. BTW, 1.7 m is taller than I am

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Aikido for graceful movement and help against multiple attackers, judo for strength, grappling and focus on one opponent...

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Aikido uses redirection of motion. Judo uses strength and leverage. I have taken both but in a real fight I found Aikido more useful and easier to use.

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If you have this option I recommend it, take the Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Escrima, Silat, etc.) It include weapons training and a lot of sreet fighting, or dirty fighting which can come in handy if someon gets outta line in real life.

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I'd recommend judo. Aikido is much more stylized and you need to "learn" how to be an "attacker" as well as the defender. Judo is much more practical.

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Judo for fitness and similar aggressiveness, Aikido to experience completely different concepts in movement and body control, and to diversify your martial arts.

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Both are fine martial arts. I personally am more interested in aikido than judo, and it may be more suited to someone of your size. The best thing to do is visit the schools and talk with the instructors, take a couple of free lessons, and see which one is more interesting for you.

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Since you have just begun to learn TKD now that you are a black belt... stick with that style... If you want to learn a little more self defence Hapkido or Aikido would be a good choice. I dont much like Judo. Hapkido would stick with your Korean theme of martial arts. Its the Korean version of Aikido but with a more blunt twist.

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I also agree with Jerry L, both are good disciplines to study, Judo will help you in ground fighting, but Aikido will give you a third dimension in throwing techniques as well as work with ground fighting techniques (if the instructor is willing to incorporate other disciplines like Judo or even JuJitsu)

The main discipline I study is Tang Soo Do (which is much like Tae Kwon Do) but I also study Hapkido, but My instructor also likes to incorporate the "ground game" techniques of both Judo and JuJitsu as well as the ground fighting and throwing aspects in Hapkido.

Often we will use the Judo aspect since it does not allow striking techniques (which forces us to rely solely on our submission techniques to win), but focuses on pinning or submitting the opponent, whereas our Hapkido allows for it, but we'll also use the more aggressive techniques in JuJitsu as an addition to the Judo.

So basically, if the Aikido Instructor is open to using Judo or JuJitsu techniques as well, you'll be getting double for what you pay, plus as I said earlier, you get that 3rd dimension of throwing an opponent

So Aikido may be the better choice here, especially if the instructor is open to using other aspects of ground game oriented disciplines.

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Niether, do jui-jitsu.

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Since u r Taekwondo, go for Judo... I'm a Martial Art 5 don too..

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Don't choose an art, choose an instructor.

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