Any other way to train other than MMA?

Would it really make sense to train for real world fighting in any other style other than Mixed Martial Arts, meaning a blend of boxing, Muay thai, and submission hold grappling? Time and time again it has been proven that well-rounded fighters will whup a single style over and over. Why train in a single style for street defense??


Has anyone heard of Tkd america?

What works in the cage & what works on the street aren't always the same. Submission holds are fine if & only if you are fighting 1 on 1. If you are facing multiple attackers, attempting to get a submission can get you dead. You will be better off getting good at 1 thing that learning a little about a lot of things. If you have a little training in a lot of areas, in a crisis, you will probably stop & think about what you should do instead of react. That can get you killed.

I have been practicing Ninjutsu for the last 26 years{instructor for 20}?

Yes, a well rounded martial artist should have training in more than one style, and yes, there is another way than modern MMA.

All traditional martial arts were created for "real world" fighting. Every traditional martial artist generally begins learning a single style and adds other styles as their interests and requirements dictate. Martial artists have been doing this for centuries. MMA isn't anything new, and in fact traditional training was historically more comprehensive than the sport of modern MMA today. Modern MMA has many rules, and is a sport. Traditional martial arts, trained as they were meant to be used, are not. "Real world" fights last seconds, not 10-15 minutes, and end in broken bones and serious injuries, if not outright death.

As for who wins a fight, style doesn't matter. The better fighter will always win regardless of what style they use.

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While the MMA style is the way to go, you'll find the best MMA fighters spent years becoming proficient in just one style before starting a full MMA regime. So to answer your question, yes there are other ways to train.

Why don't any of the Pride Or UFC fighters study karate?

again I agree with Jerry L, EVERY "Mixed Martial Artist" began with one discipline first and then chose later to learn another discipline to round out their abilities and techniques

Mixed Martial Arts is NOT the ONLY way to go, but it's a good way to combine two different disciplines for a single benefit, the key is becoming proficient in not just one discipline; but BOTH disciplines you have chosen to study.

I say Yes learning one discipline is good, because learning one discipline is building a foundation no matter WHAT the discipline is; it'll make it easier to transition into another discipline you may study later.

But whether or not choosing to continue training, and learn another discipline to supplement any deficiencies is up to the individual, but most people don't do this, or don't even take the time to become proficient enough in the discipline they've learned to adapt to their opponent, no matter what they're faced with.

Beginning one discipline is good for a foundation to build on, and choosing one (or more) discipline(s) that focuses on the two main aspects fighting, or what I've come to call "ground game" and becoming proficient in it, and then later studying a one or more disciplines that focus on "standing game" or vice versa, but the key is becoming proficient enough with your techniques in any discipline, and that takes time.

it's not the discipline, but rather the individual; if they only know one way of defending themselves, that's the strategy they'll use unfortunately unless they know how to think on the fly during the confrontation and counter their opponent's techniques.

the more you know, the better off you are, and that's why "Mixed Martial Artists" or rather individuals that have the knowledge of more than one discipline are more apt to win, because they have more in their arsenal to fight with.

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You don't have to train in more than one style. There's very slim chance of you end up fight with someone who can fight well. So if you want to train to be well around, you can simply decide which one style you want to focus on for long time. For example if you choose Judo then you can stay there for many years while you train at other gyms for short time. For example, train at boxing for about 3 months then train at Muay Thai for 6 months then change to other styles. That way you will have enough knowledge of other styles to be well around enough to successfully defend yourself without going MMA.

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