Any videos or books with traditional Sai Kata?

I wanted to know if anyone knew of any DVDs/Books/websites with traditional Sai katas. Anything would be great. I've been training with the Sai on my own for a few years, but I don't know anyone that actually knows tradtional Sai forms. I've made up several of my own forms that incorporate tradtional/unconventional Sai movements, but would like to learn the traditional forms as well. I read somewhere that there are 12 of them, is this correct? Thanks for any help!!


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Check out-

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The only such books published in the US, would be those written by Demura Fumio sensei. They are published by O'Hara I think. Demura sensei is a student of Sakagami Ryusho who was, in turn, a student of Taira Shinken. That said, those books have a relatively modern take on the sai. Good stuff, just not old stuff.

If you want old sai forms in print, the closest you'll come is the 3-volume Ryukyu Kobudo series written by Inoue Motokatsu sensei. Originally published in Japanese, they were translated to English as well. However, they are very hard to find. You may want to check in with Mark Brecht in the Japanese Treasures Forum. He may be able to dig some up for you, but they will set you back around $130 US.

Another option would be purchasing the video, "Taira Shinken: Father of Ryukyu Kobudo" . In it, Taira performs several old sai kata. Here, I must note that I served as writer/director for this documentary. I share this not to blow my own horn, but to be upfront with the recommendation. With that in mind, I'd also let you know that the old footage of Taira does not necessarily represent the form as he later taught it. So, keep that in mind.

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I was lucky enough to have a school in my area that trained in Okinawa kobudo jutsu. It is very hard to find books or videos on these weapons. Have a look at and check out the kobudo section. I think i have seen a few tapes that cover the sai.

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Demura Fumio is a good source for a sai book. For videos, check out John Sells at the Martial Source. John is internationally recognized as one of the premiere kobudo experts in the world.

His kobudo videos are worth having. My school just brought him up to Portland for a series of seminars including one on the sai kata Ufuchiku no Sai.

His book Unante, while a history of karate and kobudo is a must have for any serious martial artist.

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The information on books here are very good answers so enjoy !

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